Yodlee and Green Armor forge online security pact

Source: Yodlee

Yodlee, Inc. and Green Armor Solutions, Inc. today announced a strategic alliance that will enable Yodlee's online banking, bill pay, and transactional services to seamlessly interoperate with Green Armor's strong, two-factor/two-way authentication solutions.

Yodlee solutions give consumers and small businesses secure online and mobile access to personal account data from thousands of financial sources in order to deliver personalized, functionally-rich personal financial management (PFM) and bill pay applications. Yodlee-powered services are used today by nearly eight million consumers at leading financial institution and portal sites.

"Yodlee is working with Green Armor to deliver a heightened level of online security while protecting the convenience and access of information that consumers have come to expect on the Internet," said Joseph Polverari, senior vice president, strategy and development at Yodlee. "Green Armor's approach was appealing to us because it delivers the strength of both two-factor and site authentication without hindering the user experience. Through our own innovation and through partnerships with leading authentication providers like Green Armor, Yodlee is working to help reduce the risk of online fraud and improve customer confidence when it comes to online banking and bill pay."

Several financial institutions have recently gone live with the Green Armor's Identity Cues Two Factor authentication system, which both authenticates users to websites, as well as websites to users. Because it leverages a combination of psychology and technology in its core design, the Green Armor platform is more effective, simpler to implement, and far easier to use than alternative offerings. It has also proven to withstand various attacks to which other strong authentication systems have fallen victim.

"According to a recent report from the Aite Group, Green Armor's design is 'superior to the approach currently supported by competitors'," said Shira Rubinoff, president of Green Armor Solutions. "With Green Armor's Identity Cues systems, two-factor and site authentication are both achieved without forcing users to enroll, install any software, carry any devices, memorize any information, or perform extra steps during the login process. That is a huge advantage for ensuring minimum user impact while delivering maximum multi-factor and site authentication protection."

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