Trace Financial and ValueLink integrate corporate actions tools

Source: Trace Financial

Trace Financial and ValueLink are pleased to announce successful completion of testing of the ValueLink validated corporate actions service with the Trace Financial CAMS Product suite.

The resulting solution provides a market standard for automated corporate event processing from the announcement stage right through the whole Golden Record event lifecycle.

The CAMS Product suite consists of CAMS Connect, a ready made solution that solves the business and technical challenges associated with automation of Corporate Action messaging; and CAMS which provides the full automation of Corporate Action processing bringing the business into the STP environment. Both products benefit from Workflow architecture and an extremely flexible integration engine (SWIFTReady GOLD EAI accredited), making risk control and system interfacing a powerful yet simple process.

ValueLink's Corporate Action service provides a timely and accurate, validated solution. It supplies all of the key information announced per event, including security identification, event type, dates, ratios and resulting securities. ValueLink's service is based on data collected from multiple vendors and then fully validated and delivered in a single feed directly into the CAMS Product suite for STP.

ValueLink's experienced Client Administration Team is also on hand to answer any queries. ValueLink's service is tailored to the requirements of individual clients and includes collection of information not available from the main vendor feeds.

Clive Hopkins, Client Relationship Manager of Trace Financial, said, "The financial industry as a whole is faced with more compliance and regulatory rules governing the provision of financial information. With the availability in CAMS of the premium Corporate Action data feed from ValueLink the business community can only benefit from increased confidence in their core financial data. This will reduce risk associated with missing information and, more importantly in the Corporate Actions world, with missed deadlines."

Christina Horton, Business Development Manager at ValueLink, commented, "We are pleased to be able to offer the ValueLink Corpoporate Actions service through CAMS. The combined offering provides a cost effective solution bringing a validated Corporate Actions data service into the automated STP environment."

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