ICBC rolls out Diebold's RemoteTeller System in Hong Kong

Source: Diebold

The cost of operating a bank branch just became a lot less expensive for Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Asia Limited (ICBC Asia) in Hong Kong. ICBC (Asia) recently installed Diebold's RemoteTeller System (RTS) to increase branch optimization, reduce expenses and deliver seamless and secure service to its VIP customers at the bank's newest branch in Wan Chai, a bustling business district in Hong Kong.

RTS is the perfect application to combat the spiraling cost of operating a branch in densely populated Hong Kong because it increases teller productivity, as one teller can serve two or more customers simultaneously. Additionally, tellers can be located in less costly and more secure areas of the facility.

"Diebold's RTS is an ideal solution for our Wan Chai location because it allows us to overcome some of the added expense of operating a two-level bank branch," said Stanley Wong, Director and Deputy General Manager at ICBC (Asia). "It also provides customers with a fast, convenient and safe one-stop solution to conduct transactions."

The RemoteTeller System is a newer approach to in-branch banking that uses pneumatics and two-way, closed-circuit television (CCTV) to provide customers with assisted service to conduct business. The concept is a combination of the attributes of ATM banking and the traditional drive-thru teller window that uses pneumatic tubes to transmit items between customers and branch staff. Tellers are remotely located within the branch and communicate with members via CCTV. Customers can communicate privately with tellers by using a telephone handset on the console.

"RemoteTeller addresses two critical issues in banking today: efficiency and customer service," said Dennis M. Moriarty, Diebold's senior vice president, global security division. "It allows banks to run a more efficient operation because one teller can serve two or more customers, which increases productivity and allows banks to devote more time to sell other products and services."

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