CMA adds equity tranches pricing to DataVision

Source: CMA

CMA, the credit information specialist, today announced major enhancements to its same day price verification service, DataVision, by including Equity Tranches pricing data.

Equity Tranches pricing has been requested consistently by CMA's clients since the company launched DataVision in 2006. There's a good reason for this: Equity Tranches can offer potentially higher returns, but not without a higher degree of risk. Their volatility means it is essential for investment professionals to assess their positions regularly, using timely, accurate, reliable data.

CMA DataVision is available to more than 250,000 users around the world via the Bloomberg Professional service, along with other channels. CMA is making it easy for potential users to assess how much more effective DataVision is than other sources - for the next two months CMA is offering a free trial of full access to DataVision via Bloomberg's API functions.

Laurent Paulhac, CMA's CEO, commented "DataVision is in high demand right now as new entrants in the market are looking for solutions, and a growing number of institutions serviced by other vendors are looking for alternative price verification services. By including Equity Tranches pricing information in DataVision, it makes our product a complete and compelling offering. In partnership with Bloomberg, we are making DataVision freely available to all Bloomberg users via the API function for a period of 2 months. CMA's free trial will enable investment professionals to truly benchmark DataVision against other offerings in the market and clearly assess the value it provides."

This is the second key enhancement to DataVision within a few weeks; earlier this month, CMA rolled out publication of full term structures to the DataVision service.

DataVision is a same day consensus based price verification data service for CDS, Indices and Tranches. It is sourced from 30 leading buy-side firms who continuously provide average CDS spreads based on indicative observed quotes. DataVision is delivered by 5pm London and 5pm New York time, giving customers a timely market view and enabling more accurate mark-to-market and flash P&L analysis.

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