Whitehill Technologies enhances IStream document automation product

Source: Whitehill Technologies

Whitehill Technologies today announced significant new functionality in the IStream document automation suite, including IStream Publisher and IStream Document Manager.

"The IStream suite lets business users create 'model documents' that control the language, layout and look of complex files, such as policies and contracts," explained Jill Davidson, Product Manager, Whitehill Technologies. "IStream can be used to create and control virtually any kind of insurance document, from contracts to welcome kits to group booklets."

Using model documents, users can personalize each communication according to a particular customer, while ensuring that it conforms to the approved layout, design and legal language. IStream Publisher streamlines document design and generation, while IStream Document Manager facilitates storage, search and retrieval, as well as collaboration and workflow.

New functionality in Whitehill's IStream suite includes add-ins for Microsoft Word and Adobe Reader, letting users create complex documents in a familiar, easy-to-use, interactive environment. As data or standard wordings change, users can automatically update their documents to reflect those changes. Leveraging industry-standard applications gives insurers the power to create and update documents easily as part of their normal processes.

Updates in IStream's design environment provide a great deal of flexibility and ease in working with model documents. The ability to separate rules from text, work with industry-standard document formats, and enhanced trouble-shooting capabilities make creating model documents even simpler.

"The IStream suite gives insurers a full spectrum of document creation, management and storage capabilities," said Neil Betteridge, Vice President of Marketing, Whitehill Technologies. "With this new functionality, insurers will have the ability to produce complex documents quickly, customize information to meet their clients' needs, and react quickly to changing market demands. Whitehill gives insurers the flexibility and speed that customers want in today's highly competitive insurance landscape."

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