Towergate Underwriting selects edgeConnect for ecommerce platform

Source: edgeIPK

Towergate Underwriting has selected edgeConnect to be its Strategic Open Presentation Platform. Developed by edge IPK, edgeConnect will deliver a consistent user experience across internet and extranet services for all of its applications and customer contact points from front-end point of sale through to servicing and claims.

The complete solution includes full integration with Towergate's back office broker and underwriting systems such as Open GI and RDT Landscape as well as integrating to its document and workflow systems.

One of the key business challenges for Towergate is to white label multiple products in a quick and cost effective manner. A major strength of edgeConnect is its ability to handle a multi-channel, multi-product, multi-brand strategy. edgeConnect uses a 'write once publish multiple times' model enabling changes made in a single process to ripple through multiple presentations.

edgeConnect also enforces a separation of the front end presentation for Point of Sale and Servicing from the product rules and integration. This will allow Towergate complete flexibility to make customer experience, and regulatory driven changes quickly without impacting IT. These features coupled with the ability to generate screens from schemas enables new products to be launched rapidly, either directly or through white labelled brands. This will provide Towergate's customers with a higher level of service and accessibility to products.

edgeConnect, built on an agile service oriented architecture (SOA), will enable Towergate IT to focus more on the business functionality of its eCommerce strategy rather than the idiosyncrasies of web development.

Max Carruthers, Operations Director, Towergate, commented, "One of the key reasons we selected edgeConnect is because it gives us the ability to provide multiple presentations from one product definition which will enable us to fulfill all of our white labeling and branding requirements. At the same time it will provide a flexible and powerful integration layer that we can use across all of our back office systems."

Mike Williams, CEO, edge IPK, commented, "In today's insurance market agility and customer experience are absolutely critical to ensure business success. We are delighted to be working with Towergate who are set to createate a new industry benchmark in service levels through the use of edgeConnect."

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