First Data and UMB create combined payment, ID and health plan card for Cerner

Source: Cerner

Cerner (NASDAQ: CERN), a leading supplier of healthcare information technology, announced Healthe has launched one of the industry's first combined health plan ID and payment cards with a fully integrated line of credit for healthcare consumers.

Cerner has selected First Data Healthcare Services, part of First Data Corp. (NYSE: FDC), and UMB Healthcare Services, a division of UMB Financial Corporation (NASDAQ: UMBF) and a leader in financial services for consumer-directed healthcare products, to provide support on this innovative offering.

The Healthe model of health plan administration uses Cerner's software technology and vision to provide transparent, consumer-focused care and has launched a card to support the consumer-directed health plan options for Cerner's associates nationwide.

First Data currently provides Cerner with healthcare payment card processing services for Cerner's Healthcare Flexible Spending Account (HFSA), Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) and Health Savings Account (HSA) benefit plan offerings. First Data's state-of-the-art transaction card processing solution includes one of the industry's first fully integrated line of credit and real-time auto-substantiation solutions at various retail and online merchants, enhancing the member experience at point of care.

UMB Healthcare Services will serve as the financial custodian, supporting debit card access and HSA services. UMB has been a financial leader in the healthcare industry since 1996. UMB has in excess of $80 million in HSA assets with insurance carriers, Third Party Administrators, software providers and businesses nationwide.

"Together with First Data and UMB we are committed to improving the current healthcare space for consumers," said Bill Wing, Cerner's vice president of Cerner Healthe. "This integrated card functions as both a health plan ID card and a debit card, allowing our Cerner associates real-time access to their healthcare dollars at the point of care."

Cerner Healthe plans to integrate this new technology with other employer groups that utilize the Healthe claims administration services. Building upon First Data's technology for healthcare processing and UMB's experience in healthcare financial services, this single card allows access to multiple healthcare funds, complex financial prioritization and a seamless end-to-end solution.

"First Data has long had the vision of reducing the number of cards a member must carry by combining the financial and healthcare ID cards," said Robyn Bartlett-Andersen, general manager, First Data Healthcare Services. "Working with Cerner is allowing us to execute on our vision of enhancing the member experience and reducing healthcare administrative costs."

Cerner's success with the real-time transaction card at its on-site health clinic has resulted in plans to expand this concept to other employers around the nation soon.

"Adoption of this real-time payment service will potentially save millions by reducing friction in the payment process for both employers and providers," said Wing.

"UMB, Cerner and First Data teamed with each other to provide an innovative and integrated solution," said Dennis Triplett, president of UMB Healthcare Services. "By providing a line of credit, we supply a safety net for employee participants who incur qualified healthcare expenses that exceed the available funds in their HRA or HSA accounts."

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