Winterflood Securities joins Townsend Analytics' multi-broker network

Source: Townsend Analytics

Townsend Analytics, a leading provider of multi-broker, multi-asset, multi-currency, and multi-route electronic trading solutions for the global capital markets, has added Winterflood Securities Limited to its global multi-broker network.

Winterflood Securities Limited ("Wins") is a highly ranked market maker by the London Stock Exchange (LSE) by volume and value in UK equities and is also a specialist in AIM securities (1). Users of Townsend Analytics' RealTick Execution Management System will now be able to route managed orders directly to Winterflood, providing users with electronic access to a major pool of liquidity in UK equities.

"We are pleased to work with Townsend Analytics, and believe this relationship will add value to both parties' ever-growing electronic order routing offerings," states John Heaney, Connectivity Manager at Winterflood Securities. "This new connectivity between Winterflood and Townsend's order routing network means RealTick clients, after approval by Wins, will have direct access to the liquidity of our automatic execution system and our electronic managed order system - allowing clients to deal in over 3000 UK equities."

"With a large percentage of their sponsored client order flow executed electronically, Winterflood can provide our clients with rapid and efficient trading of UK small cap equities," comments Townsend Analytics Executive Director Rustam Lam. "Winterflood and their electronic dealing service is a welcome addition to our global multi-broker network," he adds.

As part of Townsend Analytics' broker network, Winterflood will be able to accept multi-broker order flow from RealTick's substantial client base in 94 countries and territories around the world.

(1) Source: Ranked No.1 by the London Stock Exchange (LSE) in the Principal to Agent sector by volume and value in UK equities

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