Altair launches SMS payments gateway

Source: Altair Financial Services International

Altair Financial Services International has launched a totally revolutionary addition to Altair’s Prepaid Card services that makes use of SMS (Short Message Service) on mobile phones.

The Altair Mobile Payment System (AMPS) enables cardholders to use text to better control and use their Prepaid cards. This includes a means of transferring funds globally - instantly and safely.

"We have designed AMPS for users who require maximum flexibility and accessibility to their funds. Cardholders can have easy access to a number of self-service account management functions simply by sending a SMS/text message to a dedicated number along with the appropriate function request," explained Lee Britton, Altair CEO. "Significantly, AMPS also ensures end-to-end security throughout the process." The Altair Global Money Share SMS gateway has been in development for the past 3 years and is now at a stage where the system is fully tested and able to handle large-scale card programs with ease.

"Transaction processing solutions are changing rapidly as the markets for traditional payments processing, electronic commerce and prepaid processing expand, converge and evolve. Altair's proactive and tailored approach gives its clients the technological edge in this innovative transaction processing market."

"This is hugely important and will have a significant impact on the money remittance (Money Share) segment of the Prepaid Card industry and this will be the biggest growth area for the next three to five years," predicts Britton. "It's our view that we will increasingly be working with telecommunications companies, assisting them to expand their offering to customers and take on more quasi financial services. Britton concludes, "Altair is working to expand its mobile phone gateway still further with convenience and security at the top of the list of essential features and these are key driving factors."

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