Cardtronics strikes ATM branding deal with Guaranty Bank

Source: Cardtronics

Guaranty Bank has entered into an agreement with Cardtronics, allowing Guaranty Bank to place its brand on 24 Cardtronics-owned and operated ATMs located in CVS/pharmacy locations across the Minneapolis, Minnesota area.

The Guaranty Bank brand is prominently displayed on the branded ATMs and Guaranty Bank customers are able to use the branded machines completely free of charge.

Guaranty Bank, with 175 retail bank branches in five states including 20 in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, worked with Cardtronics to bolster its existing service footprint in Minneapolis providing existing and prospective bank customers with easier access to their cash across the region.

"Guaranty Bank is focused on providing customers with convenient access to banking services," said retail banking senior vice president Brent Tischler. "Our ATM branding agreement with Cardtronics more than doubles Guaranty's existing ATM base in the Minneapolis market while expanding on our strategy of providing banking services in the retail locations our customers frequent."

"This branding agreement is a tremendous win-win for Guaranty Bank and their customers," said Keith Myers, EVP Financial Services at Cardtronics. "Guaranty is able to solidify its position in a key market and attract new business without the extensive capital outlays and operational challenges of traditional ATM placements, while the bank's customers can take advantage of free cash access when and where they want it."

Cardtronics' industry-leading ATM branding program has proven to be a tremendous success for banks, retailers and consumers alike. The program allows a branding bank to quickly and efficiently expand its footprint in new or existing markets to build brand awareness and strengthen customer relationships. Consumers enjoy fee-free cash access in an increased number of convenient locations, while retailers enjoy increased foot traffic and potential sales as the branding bank's customers seek out branded ATM locations.

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