TriCipher and CA integrate authentication tools

Source: TriCipher

TriCipher, a leading provider of multi-factor authentication solutions that protect the online channel against fraud and identity theft, today announced integration of its Armored Identity Management solution with CA (NYSE: CA) SiteMinder, a leading identity and access management (IAM) product that protects critical IT systems and services with user authentication and authorization.

Combined, the products protect user credentials in Web Access Management implementations against phishing, pharming and malware. Customers can adapt authentication strength according to each application risk without any disruption.

A key component of CA's Identity and Access Management solution, CA SiteMinder provides broad support for web access management and Single Sign-On, providing users with seamless access to resources across networks of websites. As an added level of security, TriCipher's Armored Identity Management, combined with CA SiteMinder, makes it virtually impossible for attackers to steal the user's credentials, misappropriate valuable resources, or compromise critical business applications.

SHAZAM, a joint customer of TriCipher and CA, is one of the largest regional electronic funds transfer (EFT) networks in the U.S. SHAZAM delivers integrated strong authentication, identity and access management to 1600 financial institutions by integrating TriCipher's Armored Credential System (TACS), the foundation platform for TriCipher Armored Identity Management, with CA's SiteMinder WAM system. With a combined TriCipher-CA solution, SHAZAM is able to offer both Web Access Management and Strong Authentication from a single integrated environment without infrastructure or customer disruption.

Single Sign-On is a key benefit within the SHAZAM network, enabling SHAZAM customers to access electronic funds transfer (EFT), automated teller machine (ATM) and electronic benefits transfer (EBT) applications with a single, strongly authenticated user credential. "With Single Sign-On, you need an integrated authentication infrastructure that can support different strengths of authentication-based risks for each application. SHAZAM was able to work with TriCipher and CA to integrate and leverage 2 factor authentication, identity management, and Single Sign-On capabilities," said Terry Dooley, SHAZAM Senior Vice President of Information Technology and CIO.

"In today's online business environment, the ability to access many resources using a single credential has tremendous business benefits, but it also dramatically increases the consequences if that credential is stolen by a fraudster or identity thief," said John De Santis, TriCipher CEO and President. "TriCipher and CA solutions are a mutually complementary way to address this problem, giving customers quicker and easier ways to access online resources while keeping those resources secure."

"E-commerce success depends on striking the perfect balance between ease-of-use and system security," said Sam Curry, Vice President of Security Management at CA. "Together, TriCipher and CA are providing our mutual customers with the combined multi-factor authentication and identity management capabilities they need to cost-effectively achieve this balance."

How It Works

The existing options for authentication with IdM and SSO systems such as passwords, cookies, pictures and tokens have been proven inadequate by fraudsters, while stronger forms of authentication such as traditional PKI, Smart Cards, and Biometrics have not yet realized their potential because they are difficult to use and deploy, and simply cost too much to make business sense. TriCipher provides more effective security than traditional PKI, is as easy to use as entering a username/password and has a low cost per user and transaction.

TriCipher Armored Identity Management integrates into CA SiteMinder without requiring any changes to customer applications. TriCipher Armored Identity Management offers a variety of authentication methods that easily integrate with CA SiteMinder. TriCipher's zero footprint Browser Cookie and Certificate options provide mutual authentication through a custom authentication scheme extension to CA SiteMinder. TriCipher's ID Tool Plug-in enables strong multifactor authentication using the PC, portable device, one time password (OTP) token, smart card or biometrics as additional authentication factors. TriCipher's ID Tool Plug-in integrates with CA SiteMinder through the standard X.509 certificate authentication scheme.

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