Cusip Service Bureau launches ISIN look-up service

Source: Cusip Service Bureau

The CUSIP Service Bureau (CSB), the leading provider of unique issuer and instrument identification system, today announced the launch of its CSB-ISIN Look-up Service, which provides unique CUSIP-based International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) identifiers for more than 3.6 million securities and their issuers.

This new Web-based capability makes it easier for institutions to identify securities issued by the CSB and efficiently trade, settle and clear securities by providing a common language for handling securities across firms, exchanges and nations.

"With the continued globalisation of the financial services industry, CSB has recognised the need for a coordinated, overall response to client challenges," said Scott Preiss, Vice President, CUSIP Service Bureau. "The Web-based CUSIP-ISIN look-up service fulfills a long-standing industry need to access critical unique identifiers for global instruments and their issuers in a near-real-time environment."

Diane Poole, Group Director, ABA Data Management & Policy Development stated, "The Web-based CUSIP-ISIN lookup service is a terrific example of the CUSIP Service Bureau's continued commitment to responding to the industry's need for accurate and timely information. With near real-time availability of data, this service will no doubt become an essential tool for the global community."

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