A&L teams with MoneyCard to launch Visa gift card

Source: Alliance & Leicester Commercial Bank

Alliance & Leicester Commercial Bank in association with MoneyCard Limited is to offer Visa pre-paid gift cards. Gift cards can be used as a replacement for paper vouchers and can use retailers' own brand to increase sales and loyalty.

They can be purchased in store or online and unlike a lot of existing gift cards they can be used to purchase goods in store, over the internet or by phone. They also reduce the costs and fraud risks associated with out dated paper based voucher systems. Using the Visa network, this gift card offers the retailer the ability to restrict card usage to single stores, groups of outlets or entire shopping centres.

Cards often prove to be a valuable marketing tool by increasing brand awareness and they can significantly reduce back office administration and increase till speed.

Stewart Fraser, Director of Pre-Paid Cards at Alliance & Leicester Commercial Bank, said: "For many retailers and suppliers, gift cards are the answer to removing time consuming paperwork plus in-house management time. Alliance & Leicester Commercial Bank is able to provide everything managers in the retail industry require in banking terms - supported by a dedicated relationship management team."

The complementary strengths of Alliance & Leicester Commercial Bank and MoneyCard Limited ensure a unique balance of experience and innovation in pre-paid cards. The bank has a track record of providing cost effective solutions for retailers stretching back nearly four decades.

Graham Utton, Director of Sales and Marketing at MoneyCard Limited, said: "MoneyCard Limited's association with Alliance & Leicester Commercial Bank combines our state of the art technology with the bank's expertise, to deliver a simple, effective money distribution system. The gift card allows the retailer to have more choice whilst giving the card user the flexibility to either spend at home or in store."

Pre-paid gift cards can add a positive benefit for organisations seeking solutions to the ever increasing cost pressures in the retail sector. They can help improve customer acceptability, while at the same time reducing management and reconciliation times. They are more than just a means of replacing paper vouchhers they are a great way to enhance a retailer's offering to the end customer.

Once funded by the retailer or issuing organisation, gift cards may be used for up to three years or until the allocated funds are exhausted.

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