ActivIdentity and BT combine on authentication for remote workers

Source: ActivIdentity

ActivIdentity (NASDAQ:ACTI) has signed an agreement with BT, one of the world's leading providers of communications solutions and services, to further enable BT to provide its customers with a means of introducing a secure and effective remote working policy.

This follows the successful deployment of an ActivIdentity two-factor authentication solution within BT itself for its own employees.

ActivIdentity software will be available to customers to verify the identities of their remote workers before allowing them access to confidential data and applications, ensuring security and accountability. In line with its strategic roadmap, BT will work with ActivIdentity to expand its portfolio of authentication solutions.

ActivIdentity technology is based on open standards, and this will be an advantage to BT's customers: "We help our customers to build complex, customised solutions, often involving components from different vendors.
The use of open standards technology is vital in this context, allowing us to future-proof the solutions to cope with new challenges and security threats that affect our customers' business," Rakesh Mahajan, global director of mobility, BT.

BT has road-tested the ActivIdentity authentication solution to facilitate remote access to its own network. Over the past three years, BT has issued ActivIdentity tokens to over 70,000 employees as part of its own "BT Workstyle" flexible working policy. The technology allows them to securely access the company network wherever they are located, bringing multiple benefits.

"Our own experience and research amongst Fortune 2000 companies indicates that the benefits of flexible working are not limited to cost reduction," added Mahajan. "Other tangible benefits come from the ability to allow employees to be more productive, take advantage of improved communications and the means to respond to customer enquiries more quickly. The adoption of a wide-scale flexible working policy by BT has shown a marked increase in staff motivation and retention of key staff as a result of an improved work-life balance."

Marc Hudavert, vice-president and general manager at ActivIdentity Europe, commented: "As employers allow more flexible and diverse work environments and the corporate infrastructure becomes truly mobile, the need for positive identification of staff in diverse environments has become very challenging. Employers want to be able to offer their employees an adaptable working policy and take advantage of cost efficiencies, without jeopardising security.

"Our technology combined with BT's integrated services will help enterprises to realise the benefits of flexible working, without putting confidential data at risk," Hudavert added.

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