Jeff Davis Bank selects ERF Wireless to provide VoIP system

Source: ERF Wireless

ERF Wireless (OTCBB:ERFW), the nation's leading provider of encrypted wireless networks for the regional banking industry, announced today that its Enterprise Network Services subsidiary (ENS) has signed an agreement with the Jeff Davis Bank of Jennings, Louisiana to design, engineer, deliver and install the first ever secure Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) telephone system over a bank's fully wireless communications network.

This new VoIP system will be implemented throughout the bank's fifteen branches and operations center utilizing a combination of the bank's BranchNet wireless network and new VoIPNet technology developed by ENS. The specific terms of this six-figure agreement were not released, but implementation is expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2007.

According to Mike Moehle, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for ERF Wireless, "The BranchNet wireless broadband network that ENS originally installed for Jeff Davis Bank provides not only sufficient bandwidth to support all bank data communication functions, but also excess bandwidth that allows additional IP-based functionality, such as secure VoIP technology that can replace traditional telephone functions. Over the next several years, the bank's new VoIP system will result in a considerable reduction of costs normally associated with conventional phone company landlines."

"The Jeff Davis Bank VoIP system represents the first installation of the ERF Wireless new VoIPNet technology in one of the company's existing BranchNet bank networks," said Moehle. "And, it's an excellent example of how BranchNet-enabled ENS customers are able to take advantage of additional ERF Wireless service offerings that include revenue-generating opportunities for the bank as well as ERF Wireless."

John A. Burns, COO of ERF Wireless, noted that the extensive communications platform that BranchNet provides to ENS banking customers is just the beginning of a long-term, technology-rich relationship that ERF Wireless can build with its customers.

"Banks can now add a variety of additional products and services offered by ENS, including VoIPNet, Branch Capture, Merchant Capture, Video Conferencing and SatNet, just to name a few," said Burns. "Once a bank has implemented several of these additions to their network, they're perfect candidates to join the ERF Wireless BankNet, the company's wireless broadband backbone network being constructed by ENS, for access to ATM networks, service bureaus and correspondent banks."

Burns also emphasized that ERF Wireless offers revenue-sharing opportunities to its best bank customers. "The banks allow ERF Wireless to resell their excess bandwidth as WISP services to customers in the vicinity of the bank branches," stated Burns. "This generates additional revenue for the bank and it's also a source of additional recurring revenue for ERF Wireless."

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