Taiwan and Thailand futures exchanges sign MoU

Source: Taiwan Futures Exchange

The Taiwan Futures Exchange (TAIFEX) and Thailand Futures Exchange (TFEX) today announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to strengthen the cooperation for their mutual market development.

The agreement aims to foster closer ties and to establish a channel for information exchange in various areas of operations. It also allows both exchanges to explore the business cooperation opportunities which will enhance the liquidity, efficiency and integrity of the both markets. The signing ceremony was held in the Exhibit Hall of TFEX building and was witnessed by Ms. Kesara Manchusree, the Managing Director of TFEX, Mr. Gordon S. Chen, Chairman of Taiwan Stock Exchange Corp. (TSEC) and Dr. William Lin, the Supervisor of TAIFEX. The guests of honor included Mr. Tang-Chieh Wu, Director-General of Securities and Futures Bureau of Taiwan (SFB).

Mr. Vijit Supinit, Chairman of TFEX, said, "The signing of the MOU is an important step for TFEX in the development of our already fruitful relationship with the TAIFEX. We are pleased to work closely in exploring the cooperation opportunity that could be a substantial advantage for investors in both markets."

Ms. Kesara Manchusree, TFEX 's managing Director, added that "TAIFEX is one of the leading markets with an impressive performance in recent years. We are honored to have this agreement with TAIFEX. Based on this agreement, TFEX and TAIFEX have already discussed the framework of our future collaborative plan. Our starting point will be a co-educational project on index option which is expected to be launched in TFEX in late 2007. As TAIFEX is one of the world leaders in index options product, it would be very beneficial to learn from TAIFEX successful experience to promote such product in the Thai market."

TAIFEX Chairman Dr. Rong-I Wu said, "As world exchanges are seeking strategic alliance in the face of increasingly furious global competition and challenges, TAIFEX and TFEX shall work hand-in-hand in keeping abreast with the trend. The entering of this MOU will provide great opportunities for the two exchanges to pursue a reciprocal long-term relationship and to become more global in reach. Through frequent communication between the management, exchange of experience, share of information and resource, cooperation with each other in areas of common interest, the partnership shall greatly contribute to the bright future of both exchanges."

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