Synergent extends use of VSoft cheque imaging tools

Source: VSoft Corporation

VSoft Corporation, a global information and technology provider of process improvement solutions for financial institutions, announced that Synergent, a leading item and data processing services provider to northeast regional credit unions, has chosen to add Merchant Capture to its existing check imaging solutions from VSoft.

"Synergent has realized much success from VSoft's solutions in the past, which is why we decided to enhance our capabilities with the iMerchant Capture solution," said Hunter King, senior vice president of Synergent. "We have significantly expanded our member base by eliminating geographic restraints for our member credit unions. Not only have we acquired new member credit unions, but we have also captured credit unions previously lost."

The web-based iMerchant Capture solution allows credit union members to provide their corporate customers with the ability to remotely capture and electronically send deposits, eliminating courier costs. Corporate customers use a low speed scanner to capture the check images and transfer the images and data through a secure transmission. Businesses can consolidate their deposits into a single preferred financial institution, averting any geographic dependency. Funds become available sooner as personnel can simply scan the checks as they receive them.

"Synergent has been a long-standing customer of ours, and we were pleased with their decision to expand on their VSoft check imaging solutions," said Murthy Veeraghanta, president of VSoft Corporation. "By adding merchant capture capabilities, Synergent can deepen their relationships with credit unions and help them grow commercial business services."

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