Calyon Financial to connect to Dubai Mercantile Exchange with GL Trade

Source: GL Trade

GL Trade, the leading provider of front to back office software solutions for international financial institutions, is ready to GO LIVE with its new gateway offering access to the Dubai Mercantile Exchange (DME) and Calyon Financial is the first broker to have signed up to connect to this new gateway.

The DME, scheduled to open on May 1st this year, is the first energy futures exchange in the Middle East and is uniquely positioned to provide price transparency and market liquidity for crude oil from the world's foremost oil producing and exporting region.

GL TRADE has developed a gateway directly connected to the central system of the DME. The group will offer market data and order routing to all users. GL TRADE connects to more than 130 electronic markets worldwide, including equity and derivatives markets, including commodities.

"We are delighted to add the Dubai Mercantile Exchange to our broad GL TRADE coverage" comments Leslie Sutphen, Global Head of e-Brokerage Strategy and Implementation at Calyon Financial.

"GL TRADE continuously seeks to enhance its market leading position in providing connectivity to the world's electronic markets" adds, Philippe Carré, Global Head of Client Connectivity, at GL TRADE. "We have made great strides recently regarding our coverage of commodities exchanges and we are delighted to provide our clients with access to this new and exciting venture."

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