Kaupthing Singer & Friendlander live with EST's Eclipse

Source: Exchange Systems Technology

Kaupthing Singer & Friendlander (KSF) the corporate and investment bank has recently gone live with Exchange Systems Technology's Eclipse application only six weeks from signing contracts.

KSF initially took the Eclipse CFD functionality and are implementing listed derivatives, foreign exchange and spread betting in the next phase.

Director of KSF Capital Markets Charlie Brook- Partridge comments, "We chose Eclipse for our CFD business as it is the best application in this space in
terms of functionality and modern technology. Our deadlines for "go-live" were very aggressive and all credit goes to the EST team to make us achieve this
timeframe, a very impressive achievement. We are already working with EST to implement more modules for our derivatives and other capital markets activities this spring."

"We are delighted to be part of KSF's growing business and especially pleased to implement a full ASP service in very short time frames. The old model of firms taking many months to change their back office system is now a thing of the past. As electronic trading and STP is becoming the norm Eclipse is positioned to enable fast and effective change. This enables users to take advantage of new technologies and the inherent cost saving and revenue generating benefits that accrue." Says Patrick Thornton-Smith, Sales Director at EST.

Brooke-Partridge concludes, "Partnership is vital for us and EST have proved that our selection of Eclipse was the correct one for both the short, medium and long term."

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