CQG releases API

Source: CQG

CQG has released a new API that gives customers the ability to export CQG market data and analytics to external applications.

The API uses Microsoft COM technology to communicate with the CQG Integrated Client, allowing it to obtain market data from CQG servers. The API also routes orders through the CQG Integrated Client to exchanges via the CQG Hosted Gateway.

Firms and traders looking to create a link between the exchanges and their own software can use CQG's API to bring incoming market information into applications and process the information based on their needs.

"CQG's new API has presented an avenue for sophisticated traders and computer programmers to join forces and create a wide range of proprietary applications designed to capitalize on the markets," said Josef Schroeter, CQG's president.

The CQG API brings traders a tool that is well suited for their individual needs and for the markets' continually evolving technology. Its many scalable features include access to renowned market data for use within external applications. It also provides order-routing access through CQG's exchange gateway, connectivity to the CQG Integrated Client via Excel spreadsheets, and opportunities to build market-oriented web sites to draw high traffic.

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