Russia's Svobodnaya Kassa orders 17,000 Ingenico terminals

Source: Ingenico

Ingenico, a global leader in secure transaction and payment solutions, has signed an important contract for 17,000 terminals with Svobodnaya Kassa, a Russian company specialized in cash collection for different kinds of services, especially those offered by telecommunications operators but also various domestic services such as internet and cable TV.

With these terminals, it will be possible to reload millions of cell phones on-line. This announcement rewards the efforts made by Ingenico to develop significantly in this quickly growing field of Russian electronic payment.

In this country of 142 million inhabitants, there is only 1 payment terminal per 1,000 inhabitants, whereas this ratio is 1 to 75 in Western countries. As domestic consumption is driving the country's growth, needs in payment solutions are enormous and Ingenico intends to take advantage of the huge potential of the Russian market while establishing its leadership. Ingenico, which has been present in Russia for 11 years, has all of the major banks of the country among its customers. In order to reach its development objectives, the Group decided to make its local activities more dynamic in 2006, by establishing a sales office and putting in place an efficient distribution network.

The Russian company Svobodnaya Kassa is specialized in cash collection for various services linked to mass consumption. The company, active on the Russian market since 2005, has its own processing centre for payments entry and processing and owns a powerful regional network of self-service kiosks implanted in the whole country. What makes the difference with Svobodnaya Kassa is the very huge number of service companies for which the company processes payments - i.e. 112 operators today.

By equipping itself with Ingenico i7910 payment terminals fitted with a telephone reload application, Svobodnaya Kassa intends to accelerate cash inflow from telecom operators while, at the same time, giving its customers/consumers the possibility of instant on-line reloads at shopping centre checkouts as well as at remote service points. These terminals will be implanted in the main economic centres of the country such as Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Novossibirsk, Perm, Ekaterinbourg, Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Samara, Volgograd, Irkoutsk, Khabarovsk, and Vladivostok.

"With Ingngenico i7910 terminals, we will be able to improve the quality of our customer service as well as that of our operators, explains Mr. Zhulanov, Managing Director of Svobodnaya Kassa. We are happy to rely on Ingenico for deploying and rolling out this high-return solution of payment and reloading services in our outlets."

"Ingenico is extremely pleased with this new contract that demonstrates our dynamism as well as the pertinence of our market strategy on the Russian payment terminal market," comments Amedeo d'Angelo, Ingenico's CEO. The quality of our local organization will allow us to actively participate in electronic payment equipment in Russia, a sector that is growing by almost 50% per year."

The deployment of Ingenico's solution is planned over 2007 and at the beginning of 2008.

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