BayLands Federal CU implemets Hyland enterprise content management software

Source: Hyland Software

Hyland Software, developer of the OnBase enterprise content management (ECM) software suite, announced that BayLands Federal Credit Union, a 5,800-member institution in West Point, Va., with $71 million in assets, has implemented OnBase in all departments throughout the institution's three branches.

Using OnBase enterprise-wide, BayLands FCU has improved member service, decreased costs, automated a number of business processes, improved the institution's disaster recovery initiatives and facilitated compliance through automated document retention. In addition, BayLands FCU plans to leverage these benefits to augment the institution's overall growth strategy.

BayLands FCU was originally chartered to serve a local paper mill. However, the institution wanted to serve other groups and expand its number of branches. To do this, BayLands needed a community charter, which requires credit unions to show how they will provide services to its members. The institution felt one of the best ways to demonstrate this was through investment in technology to integrate information between branches and improve the overall member experience. With this in mind, BayLands FCU began the search for an ECM system and discovered OnBase.

"With our growth plan, opening new locations with paper documents would be a logistical nightmare and we would have a much higher risk of losing valuable information. We chose OnBase because we knew it worked as Hyland promised," said David Blanchard, operations manager and OnBase administrator at BayLands FCU. "Hyland is the only company that I've ever worked with that has met or exceeded all of our expectations."

All incoming documents are imported into OnBase, including applications, membership cards, invoices, human resources forms and loan files. Most importantly, member service is enhanced because all front-line staff can access vital documents in a single repository across all branches. Because all documents are housed within the OnBase system, all employees from the CEO to front-line tellers have access to needed documents. To ensure document security, OnBase allows administrators to control employee access to documents based on personnel hierarchy and internal business rules.

OnBase is an ECM software suite with applications that include document imaging, workflow, electronic document management, COLD/ERM and records management. OnBase allows financial institutions to manage all digital content, including scanned paper documents, e-mails, faxes, print streams, application files, e-forms, Web content and multimedia files.

The seamless integration of OnBase with Harland Financial Solutions' UltraData Enterprise core processing system and Touché Analyzer for member relationship management makes information management easier and improves service to members of the credit union. Employees can instantly access all member documents and reports, as well as all member communication, across BayLands FCU's three branches directly through the UltraData and Touche interface.

"Keeping member service a priority while expanding the institution can be a challenge, especially for smaller institutions," said Jason King, director of financial services for Hyland Software. "Using OnBase, institutions of all sizes can cost-effectively standardize and improve the member experience across multiple branches by making information and needed documents accessible enterprise-wide."

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