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Source: GoldenGate Software

GoldenGate Software, the leading provider of transactional data management solutions, today announced that it is working with MBU Croatia, a service provider to the majority of banks in Croatia.

Founded in 1994, MBU designed, built and installed MBNET - Croatia's leading ATM and POS terminal network - and today names some 21 banks across Croatia, central and eastern Europe as customers. MBU has decided to use GoldenGate in order to migrate critical customer data between its HP NonStop applications. This function will underpin its disaster recovery system and guarantee 24/7 availability of its network of ATMs across the region, ensuring compliance with critical banking regulations.

Having commenced operations in 1996 with Croatia's first common bank card operations infrastructure, MBU deployed ACI's BASE24 payment processing and authorization application in 2003 which provided MBU with vital EMV capabilities out of the box. Following its implementation, the company then began to evaluate technology solutions that could provide critical business continuity assurance for the new BASE24 application which, in turn, would guarantee the 24/7 availability to the ATMs of MBU's growing customer base. A key business driver in the switch from rudimentary tape back-ups, MBU was looking to providing a fully automated system that would avoid fail-over in the event of any system outages. The IT team evaluated a number of technologies but ultimately chose GoldenGate primarily due to its proven track record among large banks and financial institutions around the world, as well as its extensive relationship with ACI.

Dragan Dzunic, Head of Productions Department at MBU Croatia, explained, "With its experience to date in the financial industry, it was evident that GoldenGate knew what it was doing. Having made the choice, we were very impressed as to how easy and efficient GoldenGate's product was to use. The support team in Amsterdam has been very supportive and this has also allowed us to progress smoothly with the required developments and our overall implementation plans."

As an additional part of its disaster recovery program, the IT team at MBU built a secondd data center 50 miles from the primary location. With an HP NonStop S7600 in place as the primary system, the team purchased a secondary system in the form of an HP NonStop S7800. Using GoldenGate, MBU first migrated the S7600 application to the new HP environment and than started using it as the disaster recovery/contingency machine keeping primary and secondary systems synchronized.

Dzunic continued, "We have been extremely pleased with how the program has progressed to date and are looking forward to leveraging GoldenGate's platform for future phases of this project, including our plans for growth and expansion across the region."

To date, MBU's network of ATMs has handled approximately 120,000 transactions per day from Croatia's population of 4.5million. However, due to Croatia being a holiday hotspot, MBU predicts this volume of traffic will increase during the July, August and December period. So far, MBU has expanded its services beyond Croatia to surrounding countries including Austria and Slovakia. In the near future MBU also plans to extend its presence to the other countries in the Central and Eastern Europe including Balkan region.

In line with its expansion and growth plans, MBU will use GoldenGate in a dual-active configuration. Two separate instances of ACI BASE24 will be running on the two HP NonStop systems and MBU plans to have both systems active and operational at the same time. In doing so, MBU will maximise its investment in its infrastructure, guarantee the highest level of system availability as well as ensure high performance levels on the system. To ensure that this system will grow and scale as MBU's data volumes increase over time and to ensure no downtime during peak times, the IT team has put GoldenGate's product through extensive functional testing and additional stress testing.

Richard Dobber, Managing Director for GoldenGate EMEA, said, "Through its introduction of state-of-the-art technology and solutions to support the development of modern multiphase banking services, MBU has shown itself to be a highly innovative organisation. We are delighted to be able to add MBU to our extensive list of financial customers and to be working with Dragan and his team to support the company's vital disaster recovery programme - now and in the future."

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