SocGen reports HFIM hedge fund servicing contract

Source: Société Générale Securities Services

Société Générale Securities Services (SGSS) has been appointed to provide a full suite of fund services to HFIM Evolution Funds, the inaugural fund of hedge funds launch by London-based manager HFIM.

This Irish domiciled fund will be serviced out of SGSS' operations in Dublin.

The objective of this fund is to provide investors with the ability to capture above the average risk adjusted returns from the next generation of hedge funds that are at the emerging or early stage of their development compared to larger established funds.

SGSS was selected by HFIM based on its leading position in Europe as a service provider of custody and centralised global fund trading, hedge fund administration, registrar and transfer agency, fund distribution as well as performance measurement and attribution analytics.

Announcing SGSS's appointment, Chief Investment Officer and joint CEO of HFIM, Tushar Patel explained, "With operational risk an increasing focus for investors, SGSS's sound reputation in the fund services arena for alternative asset classes, coupled with its global branding and presence, establishes immediate credibility in the minds of investors and capital allocators."

Bruno Prigent, Head of Investor Services at SGSS, said, "We are very proud to be associated with HFIM's new fund launch. This mandate is a good win for our Dublin operation which is firmly positioned as one of our main centres of excellence in hege fund servicing for both onshore and offshore hedge funds."

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