Borsa Italiana upgrades trading book

Source: Borsa Italiana

Borsa Italiana together with the independent on-line traders Achille Capecce and Domenico Foti unveiled its two latest solutions: the 20-level Price Book, i.e. the possibility to show and provide full information for each financial instrument the 20 best bid and ask prices and the Order Book, i.e. the display of the best 20 orders with detailed disaggregated proposals for each price level enabling the immediate display of the order positioning inside the book.

This Order Book makes possible increased trading activity in addition to cancelling and re-ordering at different price.

Up to now the Price Book has enabled on-line traders to display the best five proposals only.

Price and Order Book data are on a real time basis with push update technology.

Borsa Italiana provides this advanced solution within "Market Connect" (Borsa Italiana's market data package) and through a data flow that can be easily and quickly integrated into third party platforms.

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