Data Explorers adds TCSB Japan to Performance Explorer platform

Source: Data Explorers

Data Explorers Limited today announced that TCSB, Japan has joined Performance Explorer, to provide performance measurement and benchmarking for their securities lending programme.

"We are dedicated to offering the best services to our clients. We think Data Explorers products are important in ensuring best execution and trading performance, as well as monitoring our service providers." commented Masataka Aoto, General Manager, Securities Lending and Management Department, TCSB.

Julian Pittam, Managing Director of Performance Explorer said, "TCSB are extremely important to us since they are a major player in the local market, and we are delighted to welcome them to Performance Explorer".

Performance Explorer is a secure, web-based service that allows participants to increase securities lending performance and profitability by comparing individual results against the aggregated data of a broad, customizable universe of industry peers. Results are viewable at program, portfolio, asset class, and security and transaction level. Data is provided exclusively by Performance participants and includes beneficial owners, asset managers, agents and principal borrowers. All customer data is kept confidential and anonymous. Currently, Performance Explorer collects aggregated data on more than 1.8 million daily securities lending transactions for over 190,000 securities and more than 20,000 portfolios. Recent figures compiled by the service indicated total lendable assets at over $12.7 trillion and total on-loan balances at more than $2.8 trillion.

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