Conchango revamps HiFX's Web site

Source: Conchango

Conchango, the business, technology and interactive media consultancy has re-launched the global website of foreign exchange dealer HiFX.

The site which has been localised for four regions has been re-designed to complement the company's recently updated brand positioning. The redesign has also enabled HiFX to invest in applications that will lay the foundations for the next stage of development, embracing the technologies of Web 2.0.

The site has been built to support services for both private individuals and businesses. The new site is a user-friendly source of financial data which is constantly updated, reliable, comprehensive and accurate. It is designed to empower on-the-spot decisions but equally build trust through experience and specialist foreign exchange intelligence to allay user fears when making once-in-a-lifetime transactions.

To ensure the site met the needs of the users Conchango created user personas to help build features and functions around behavioural patterns, needs and wants. Conchango also engaged with real customers throughout the project, testing concepts, designs and language usage; the sharing of needs and opinions ensured that the site would dovetail with the user decision-making process.

In terms of content management, the site needed to allow HiFX marketing and business managers, in each territory, to upload content without the time-lag involved in using IT personnel for the task. Not only is this more time and cost efficient but empowering staff to load their own updates, from data to articles to a comprehensive range of regularly changing supportive information, has integrated the site with the business, ensuring that it serves the commercial needs of the organisation.

Mike Altendorf, managing director of Conchango says, "We're extremely proud of the site and feel that it perfectly meets the brief. Within thirty minutes of launching, HiFX had received dozens of account sign-ups - a new feature that we built into the site. This reflects the great new levels of usability the site offers."

Glenn Jones, Chief Marketing Officer for HiFX, "The new site sets us apart from the competition and positions us in the online world as a leader in our field. It has transformed the way we look and enhanced our efficiency, particularly through a content management system that enables us to post fresh content every day. We're convinced the site's going to capture the attention of clients and potential clients, underscoring our authority in this business and also positioning us as leaders, not just in what we do but also in how we do it."

The next phase for the site will allow HiFX to capitalise on Web 2.0 initiative and allow clients to log in, process and track their international payments online. Thereafter these services will be expanded to include HiFX's valued agent network.

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