Heng An Standard Life licenses DSTi BPM technology

Source: DST International

DST International (DSTi), a leading supplier of business solutions for the investment management industry, announced today that Heng An Standard Life Insurance Company has signed an agreement to implement DSTi's Business Process Management Solution – the Automated Work Distributor (AWD).

Heng An Standard Life will use AWD to centralise and streamline operations in China as the solution provides for connectivity from all branch offices around China to the head office in Tianjin.

Andy Clachers, Operations Director at Heng An Standard Life, said, "We have a very long-standing relationship with DSTi globally as Standard Life in the United Kingdom are significant users of the system. When we looked at the potential of using AWD in China, we were delighted to discover that the solution could easily be adapted to the unique requirements of the China market. We were also particularly impressed with the DSTi local team, and their knowledge of business process management, the insurance industry and the China market."

Mr. Clachers emphasised, "We at Heng An Standard Life believe that efficient operations capability adds significant value to the business and that AWD is the solution that will enable operations to add those values to our policy administration services area through quicker turnaround times and consistency of services. AWD will provide the platform and infrastructure to support Heng An Standard Life's ambitious branch expansion strategy and aggressive services levels. It will help us improve productivity and efficiency, and will help ensure consistent and high levels of service across our entire operations in China. After a thorough review of our options and a long selection process, we felt that AWD was the right choice for us and we look forward to a very successful and productive project to support our aggressive business growth plans in China."

Rhonda Lepsch, DSTi's Asia CEO and director of DSTi in China said, "We are pleased that Heng An Standard Life has selected AWD as its strategic business process and work management solution in China for policy administration services. AWD is highly suited to the China market in that it is scaleable, provides for low cost connection of remote branch offices and can easily be configured to meeeet the requirements of the local China market. Heng An Standard Life began the implementation of DSTi's Investment Accounting Solution consisting of HiPortfolio/3 and HiInvest in 2004, and our organisations have had an excellent relationship in China for over three years."

Ms. Lepsch continued, "We are delighted that the insurance companies in China are recognising the value that AWD brings to an operation - the solution assists in significantly improving operational efficiency, quality, productivity and customer service levels, whilst helping to reduce costs. The implementation at Heng An Standard Life is DSTi's third AWD project in China in the insurance sector. In China, DSTi has focused on delivering business process management solutions to the financial services market and has invested in developing the specialist skills locally to implement and support AWD. We are thrilled that this strategy is now starting to benefit the Chinese market."

DSTi in Asia currently supports over 150 clients across 13 countries and currently has offices in China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, employing over 600 staff.

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