RSA launches anti-trojan service

Source: RSA

RSA, The Security Division of EMC (NYSE: EMC), today announced it will launch its new RSA FraudAction Anti- Trojan service, designed to help companies secure their organizations, brands and customers from a new generation of crimeware attacks.

These attacks, including session-hijacking Trojans and keyloggers, are being increasingly deployed by fraudsters in order to steal personal and financial information from consumers.

As online fraud grows, financial institutions have taken great strides in employing stronger protection for online banking with various strong authentication and fraud detection solutions. In turn, fraudsters have stepped up their efforts and have begun to launch more sophisticated attacks on a larger scale.

In response, the RSA FraudAction Anti-Trojan service is being designed to provide a proactive, layered approach to dealing with financial crimeware and advanced attacks. The service is being developed based on RSA's unparalleled expertise and experience in external threat protection services including one of the industry's leading anti-phishing and anti-pharming services. As engineered, the RSA FraudAction Anti-Trojan service will be a truly end-to-end solution that covers the identification, analysis, blocking, and shutdown of attacks. This additional protection will help financial institutions to accelerate further their businesses online and increase consumer confidence in the channel.

"There has been increasing buzz about Trojans and crimeware in the market for some time now, but we have reached the point where our customers have a real need to take action against this growing threat," said Marc Gaffan, Director of Marketing, Consumer Solutions at RSA. "RSA is clearly in a strong position to offer the industry's first proactive and holistic anti-Trojan service. Our 24x7 Anti-Fraud Command Center has detected and shut down more than 32,000 unique phishing attacks, and we also have broad detection and blocking networks already in place with leading anti-virus, anti-spam and ISP players. We have leveraged this powerful infrastructure and are expanding it to cover the specific needs and skill-sets needed to deal with crimeware."

RSA is integrating a systematic approach to tackling crimeware: through a broad and deep-partner network, RSA will bring a layered approach to identifying, analyzing, blocking, and shutting down targeted infection and drop-sites. Drop sites - or drop zones - are the destination, typically an email box or server, to which the crimeware sends the compromised credentials that are stolen from the consumers.

The RSA FraudAction Anti-Trojan service is being engineered to include the following main components and benefits:

Identification, Analysis
  • Aggregation of RSA and anti-virus partner data: enables financial institutions to see what crimeware is targeting their customers and understand how it works

  • Helps financial institutions put up an immediate layer of protection, by blocking consumer access to known infection points on the web

  • Helps financial institutions to mitigate further against attacks via targeted infection and drop-site shutdown

"Trojans and advanced online attacks are becoming increasingly prominent," stated Avivah Litan, Vice President and Distinguished Analyst at Gartner. "They are much less visible than phishing attacks, making them even more of a threat because it's difficult to educate consumers how to avoid them. Service providers should be proactive in protecting customers and their accounts, and we are beginning to see market solutions that help accomplish this goal."

The RSA FraudAction Anti-Trojan service will be generally available in April.

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