Payment card security coalition claims 24 members for vendor alliance

Source: Payment Card Industry

Twenty four companies have joined The Payment Card Industry Security Vendor Alliance (PCI SVA) since the organisation's launch.

The PCI SVA was founded on 27 January 2007 by a group of leading data security firms including ConfigureSoft, Cyber-Ark, Modulo Security, Proginet, Protegrity, Reflex Security and Safe-Net.

Joining the founding members are:
  • ACR 2 Solutions, Inc.
  • AirTight Networks
  • Application Security Inc.
  • BitArmor Systems
  • Breach Security
  • Centrify
  • Computer Security Products Inc.
  • Digiware
  • Ecora Software
  • Ipswitch
  • Kinamik Data Integrity
  • Loglogic
  • nCircle
  • Net Compliance Solutions
  • New Edge Networks
  • nuBridges
  • Princeton Softech
  • Rapid7
  • RBS Lynk
  • SecurityMetrics
  • Semtek
  • SenSage
  • Tizor Systems
  • Vectra-corp

"We are pleased to welcome all our new PCI SVA members, and look forward to working with them to offer trusted, proven solutions that enable the
payment card industry and merchants to protect the privacy of consumer information and other sensitive data," says David Taylor, VP of data security strategies for Protegrity, one of the founding members of the PCI SVA.

The PCI SVA was formed to work with the payment card industry - including merchants, banks, payment processors and point-of-sale vendors - to develop its "roadmap to PCI DSS compliance". The aim is to show companies how to achieve compliance with the PCI Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) efficiently. The members of the PCI SVA view the PCI DSS as the best available framework to guide an organisation in how to protect sensitive data and reduce the risk of a security breach.

PCI SVA members, all with strong experience in delivering PCI compliance products and services to thousands of customers, will use their combined knowledge to support the objectives of the payment card industry by securing sensitive data processed by their merchant partners. They will use best-of-breed PCI DSS solutions that address the needs of any enterprise that seeks a clearly defined, highly auditable data protection framework.

To demonstrate the business value of PCI DSS solutions, and their value in meeting other regulatory privacy and data security directives, the PCI SVA will publish educational white papers, case studies and return-on-investment (ROI) analyses. In addition, the PCI SVA will host a series of webinars and in-person seminars to help organisations develop their PCI DSS compliance roadmaps. Finally, the PCI SVA website will host the PCI Security Technology Forum, where any organisation (vendors and users) can discuss the security technologies that are critical to achieving PCI DSS compliance.

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