French bike rental firm selects Ingenico electronic payment system

Source: Ingenico

After Lyons, Brussels, and soon Marseilles, Aix-en-Provence and Mulhouse, Ingenico has been entrusted with the electronic payment solution for the self-service bike rental market in Paris.

Ingenico, a global leader in payment and transactions solutions has given JCDecaux a complete electronic solution that will allow payment for self-service bike rental in several French and European cities. The first cities to inaugurate this operation will be Lyons and Brussels, and they will soon be followed by Marseilles, Aix-en-Provence, and Mulhouse. When he signed with the city of Paris on February 27th, JCDecaux gave Ingenico the opportunity to equip the largest bike rental park that has ever been put into place in the world.

Number 2 world-wide in outdoor communication, and number 1 in Europe and Asia-Pacific, JCDecaux, who is also number 1 world-wide in the bike rental market, is proposing a bike rental system to local communities who are interested, that works via a network of terminals which have been installed in a given area. The company was especially interested in the possibility of having a centralized payment system that would enable the users to pick up a bike at one terminal and drop it off at another one.

To meet this challenge, Ingenico proposed an unattended payment application using the French leader, AXIS, a completely centralized electronic payment solution. This solution includes the client's electronic payment C3 software that is integrated into the kiosk application, the centralized electronic payment solution, AXIS, the secure archive base, ArchiCube, the consultation and reporting tool, WebCube, as well as hosting of its servers and facilities management. Depending on the cities and their needs, JCDecaux will be able to choose amongst the extensive library of added value Axis applications to find the best solution. Therefore in Paris, the applications CB Location, JCB EMV, AMEX EMV and Monéo (a reloading and electronic payment pocket-book) will be operational. All of the terminals will be linked to the central server via an IP-GPRS network.

In Paris, 20,600 bikes will be available for rental by JCDecaux by the end of 2007.

"Ingenico is pleased to contribute to the new ecological approach in big cities by participating in the deployment of non-polluting means of transportation," emphasized Amedeo D'Angelo, Ingenico's CEO. "We are proud of this partnership with JCDecaux that highlights the possibility of a French company to roll out innovative global electronic payment solutions in Europe and in the world. This is an illustration of synergies that have been put in place with the Moneyline teams since our merger in October, 2006, and suggests we can expect many other developments in the future." he added.

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