IPC extends IP-based enterprise voice service to Houston

Source: IPC

IPC, the leading provider of mission critical communications solutions to global enterprises, today announced service availability of its IP based Enterprise Voice Service (EVS) in Houston, Texas.

EVS enables IPC customers to implement resilient delivery options to a single site, or take advantage of dual circuit presentation to multiple sites to satisfy BCP/DR connectivity requirements. EVS is considered the next step in the evolution of the virtual trading floor of the future, harnessing the power of IP to improve operational resiliency and trader mobility while assuring the security and quality of a private network. IPC customers can implement EVS independently, allowing firms to seamlessly connect to their established trading counterparties, regardless of technology preferences.

This service enhancement in Houston represents another step forward in IPC's commitment to deliver the benefits associated with VoIP to its global customer base via EVS. Houston, the fourth largest city in the U.S. and the unrivaled center for the American energy industry continues to grow rapidly as one of the world's most important and demanding energy markets. Houston is now IPC's fourth trading center that has IP-based trader voice services locally. New York, Boston and London deliver EVS in point-to-point, link redundancy and BCP configurations to hundreds of locations. EVS was developed specifically by IPC to meet the strenuous and unique requirements of trading floors such as those within the energy industry.

IPC's Houston customer base can now leverage EVS' improved business continuity capabilities, site resiliency and operational efficiencies via VoIP delivery without forfeiting the performance and security features associated with existing ring down services.

Lance Boxer, CEO of IPC says, "With more than 5,000 energy-related firms doing business in Houston, the city is considered the world capital for virtually every segment of the energy markets. IPC is pleased to offer the powerhouses of this industry a suite of IP services that are sophisticated and robust enough to handle the size and scope of such an internationally renowned marketplace."

As part of IPC's continued focus on exceptional service delivery and performance, EVS service activation between On-Net sites is guaranteed to be completed within four hours of order acceptance; and all services are proactively monitored 24 x 7 by IPC Global Solutions Operations Centers (GSOC). Additionally, IPC customers can access a secure web-based portal that allows them to request pricing, enter service orders, verify circuit inventory and view all On-Net locations to ease the administration associated with circuit management.

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