Insurance firm Memic chooses Whitehill Technologies for document delivery

Source: Whitehill Technologies

MEMIC, the largest provider of workers' compensation insurance in Maine and a leading workers' comp insurer in the Northeast, has chosen Whitehill Technologies, to help speed delivery of critical documents to customers and agents.

MEMIC will use Whitehill xml-Transport to deliver policy declarations, known as "Decs," to customers via e-mail, and to make Decs accessible to agents via a secure web portal.

"We were looking for someone to replace MEMIC's existing document delivery system, and Whitehill was clearly the best vendor in the space," said Gary Baxter, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, MEMIC. "Whitehill xml-Transport is a great product, and we're really eager to go with it."

Whitehill xml-Transport extracts data from insurers' existing systems, such as policy administration, claims or underwriting. It takes structured data (such as tables and databases) or unstructured data (such as text) and converts it into XML, an open, flexible data standard.

MEMIC then plans to format the data with Whitehill Layout Designer, an easy-to-use layout tool that helps create professional looking documents. The finished documents can be delivered via the Web, e-mail, print, mail or fax.

MEMIC also has plans to use Whitehill xml-Transport and Layout Designer for other projects in the near future.

"Producing Decs is only the first step for us," said Baxter. "We see the potential to generate all sorts of documents using Whitehill xml-Transport down the road. We're expecting it to be a major part of our document delivery system in the next couple of next years.

"We have separate systems for claims and underwriting," Baxter explained. "With the XML engine in Whitehill xml-Transport, we have the potential to set up an internal web-services type of environment. We see the opportunity to use Whitehill for inter-process communications. It's a really good fit for us."

"Whitehill is very pleased to be able to provide insurers like MEMIC with the best fit for their needs," said Michel Chiasson, VP of Sales, Financial Services, Whitehill Technologies, Inc. "Whitehill is the only vendor that offers a complete, end-to-end suite of document automation solutions. We look forward to helping MEMIC create personalized, effective documents for its customers and agents, letting them do business faster and more efficiently."

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