StreamBase Systems unveils MiFID and algo trading tools

Source: StreamBase Systems

StreamBase Systems, the leader in high-performance Complex Event Processing (CEP), today announced that it has launched two new solutions focused on Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) and Algorithmic (Algo) Trading to meet the requirements of regulatory complexity and soaring market data volumes in Europe.

The solutions are in response to growing customer demands and the increased investment by the financial services industry in highly specialized CEP.

"For years we have collaborated closely in both the U.S. and the U.K. with major investment banks, hedge funds, and exchanges to understand their business requirements and to develop patent-pending technology that can help them turn a profit quickly," said Barry Morris, Chairman and CEO of StreamBase. "The introduction of our solution sets for MiFID and Algo Trading offer our European customers the tools they need to drive best execution and regulatory compliance."

"We are pleased to partner with StreamBase to deliver solutions for MiFID and Algorithmic Trading," said John Mesberg, Vice President, Software Group Industry Solutions, IBM. "StreamBase's real-time processing capabilities, combined with IBM's WebSphere Front Office and DB2 database software capabilities, enable our capital markets customers to meet the demands of a rapidly changing and increasingly competitive market environment where low latency processing and real-time analytics are critical."

StreamBase MiFID and Algo Trading solutions support a range of needs spanning from market data handling and trade generation, through trade execution strategy, order book analysis, transaction cost analysis, and compliance. With these solutions, financial services institutions can rapidly create, implement, and evolve regulatory models and trading strategies through the following core components:
  • The World's Highest Performing CEP Platform โ€” Financial services firms can easily scale StreamBase to process hundreds of thousands of messages/second or more as regulatory requirements continue to evolve. StreamBase's low latency in-flight processing and scalability are critical with wider use of Direct Market Access (DMA) and surging market data volumes.
  • Unmatched Integration of Real-Time & Historical Data โ€” StreamBase provides the most extensive persisstence capabilities for capturing and storing terabytes of real-time quote, trade, and contributed data. In addition, StreamBase also leverages StreamSQL, the de facto SQL-based standard that enables developers to program real-time and stored data applications. With StreamSQL at the foundation, any data within StreamBase can be easily extracted into a standard SQL-compliant cross-platform report-writer to ensure regulatory reporting of trade, bonds, derivatives, and equities data.
  • Most Advanced Graphical Development Environment โ€” StreamBase's graphical development environment (IDE) makes it easy to modify trading or execution algorithms, create custom analytic models as market needs change, trigger alerts, and automatically route orders for best price across multiple sources of liquidity in real-time. Trading operations can also reduce risk exposure by tracking positions across all trading operations in real-time.

Customizable application templates for MiFID and Algo Trading include: market data monitoring across multiple venues for best quote and lowest latency, automated trading/order generation, position-keeping/order management, and real-time compliance. The solutions also include capabilities for back-testing on years of data, capturing and reporting on every trade, incorporating custom analytics, and intelligent order routing.

In addition to the solutions for MiFID and Algo Trading, StreamBase also recently announced a set of initiatives and partnerships to further educate the marketplace and accelerate time-to-results. Through these initiatives, StreamBase is delivering a series of web seminars, live briefings, and training workshops that empower financial services organizations to drive full regulatory compliance and increased competitive advantage.

"We are very excited to offer our clients the MiFID and algo trading solution sets from StreamBase," said Ian Hillier-Brook, Managing Director at Data Stream Analysis Limited (DSAL), a London-based consultancy and application development company that offers a range of specialist services to the financial services industry. "As the company that developed StreamSQL, the de facto standard for building real-time and historical applications, StreamBase processes data ten times faster than competing offerings, thereby redefining the concept of 'high-performance' CEP and delivering the rapid time-to-value our clients require."

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