Experian-Scorex reports ICICI Bank deal

Source: Experian-Scorex

ICICI Bank, India's second largest bank, has announced that it is to implement customer level behavioural scoring from Experian-Scorex, the decision analytics business of Experian.

By adopting a customer level approach, the bank will be able to take a holistic view of each individual customer across all the accounts that they operate. This solution will enable the bank to deploy even more effective strategies across the customer lifecycle, helping it to manage risk whilst at the same time further enhancing its delivery of customer service and customer satisfaction.

ICICI Bank offers a wide range of banking products and financial services to corporate and retail customers through its network of over 685 branches, for investment banking, life and non-life insurance, venture capital and asset management.

"Retail banks like ICICI Bank typically have multiple customer relationships, with each individual often having a current account (money transmission), savings and credit products," said Stephen Denby, Managing Director of Experian-Scorex EMEA. "If an organisation views each customer based on the performance of each account, the management strategies may be inconsistent or even inappropriate. For this reason leading retail banks around the world have adopted customer level behavioural scoring solutions that allow them to aggregate a customer's accounts and take a complete view of how the customer is behaving."

This process offers two significant benefits. Firstly, it allows the bank to improve its debt management practices and, secondly, it enables it to communicate with the customer as an individual, not just a series of accounts, which significantly improves the customers' experience of the service provided by the bank.

"We have been using scoring techniques for many years at ICICI Bank but it has always been purely at the account level," commented Maninder Juneja, General Manager at ICICI Bank. "We are growing rapidly and have an ever increasing portfolio of accounts. We recognised that we needed to take a more complete view of each customer and see significant benefits in adopting customer level scoring. It will help us to enhaanhao enhap us to enhance our complete customer service offering, something that ICICI Bank prides itself on, but at the same time we will gain even tighter controls that will help us manage debt and control operational costs. Experian-Scorex has a proven pedigree in delivering customer level solutions globally and it offers a level of international best practice that fits with our business ethos."

Denby added: "Experian-Scorex has worked with retail banking organisations for many years and through this, we have developed expertise in customer level scoring. We incorporate all levels of account information in order to maximise the benefit of the relationship data available, including cash flow variables and customer indebtedness measures, to produce highly predictive and effective solutions. We are pleased to be supporting ICICI Bank in its continued development as a leading organisation in the Indian banking market."

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