SuperDerivatives launches online multi-asset derivatives platform for hedge funds

Source: SuperDerivatives

SuperDerivatives, the benchmark for options and the leading provider of option pricing, independent revaluation, trading and risk management systems, announced today that it has launched SD-Funds - the first online multi-asset derivatives platform that combines accurate pricing, analytics, trading, risk management and compliance reporting.

SD-Funds is a major breakthrough in buy-side hedge-fund technology. It includes all pre-trade and post-trade activities with powerful features specifically designed for hedge fund and asset managers, covering all assets and derivatives classes. Backward testing of strategies allows accurate retroactive performance comparison of alternative derivatives trading strategies, based on detailed historical 12-year market data. Completed trades can be directly captured into fund administrators and prime broker systems using straight through processing (STP). SD-Funds incorporates the SuperDerivatives independent revaluation service (SD-Revaluation) utilizing the SuperDerivatives benchmark pricing model. Compliance with various regulations such as MiFID best execution is easy, using features such as built-in automated price auditing.

Web-based SD-Funds provides real-time market-accurate prices for an extremely wide range of vanilla and exotic options, both over-the-counter (OTC) and exchange traded products, in all asset classes including cross-asset hybrids. It also comprises the industry's richest set of analytical and structuring utilities, as well as mark-to-market and net asset value (NAV) reporting in a fully-fledged multi-asset, risk management system. The system can easily be customized for different reporting formats and standards and supports any back office requirement.

David Gershon, President and CEO of SuperDerivatives commented, "The launch of SD-Funds is a milestone for SuperDerivatives and one of the biggest technological achievements of the company to date. We've created an extremely rich multi-asset solution for hedge funds and asset managers, a solution that contains all the elements required by portfolio managers and traders. The development of SD-Funds took over two years, during which we incorporated various SuperDerivatives technologies that were successfully proven in our other platforms, such as on-line trading and rich customizable reporting tools."

Gershon added, "SD-Funds was designed with considerable feedback from many hedge funds and asset managers. We strived to incorporate all the requests and requirements we received which resulted in a very user-friendly and intuitive yet powerful system, and most importantly a system that embeds optimized risk management capabilities. I am certain that SD-Funds will have a huge, positive impact on the hedge fund and asset management industries, which is definitely in the best interest of fund investors and the financial community in general."

SuperDerivatives' products, including real-time pricing and analytics systems, risk management systems, portfolio revaluation services, options market data portal and online trading capabilities, are used by numerous companies from both the buy and sell side. Its pricing platforms are used by almost all the banks around the world that are active in options, as well as by numerous corporations, asset managers, hedge funds, auditors and central banks.

SuperDerivatives' benchmark option pricing model is the only publicly visible and market tested model whose accuracy in generating real market prices for all types of derivatives has been proven and validated continuously for several years.

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