BS/2 launches ATM security package in the UK and Western Europe

Source: Penki Kontinentai Group

BS/2, part of the Penki Kontinentai Group based in Lithuania, is making its unique ATM security solution available in the UK and Western Europe, following massive roll-outs in banks throughout Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

ATMeye monitors activity at ATM and self-service devices, using video or stills to record transactions, and log the results. Uniquely, it is triggered only at the point at which a customer approaches the machine, vastly reducing the amount of 'dead' time recorded by standard security solutions.

BS/2 has developed a family of products to suit self-service networks and standalone ATM's and services more than 10,000 installations at banks in 54 countries. The ATMeye solution uses a Viewcast Osprey 100 video card installed inside the ATM PC and connected to internal and external cameras. This is combined with the ATMeye software, which connects the data captured to the ATM's internal journal. All actions at the ATM are recorded from the insertion of the card through to the retrieval of the takeaway receipt.

"Banks are using the solution to maintain security at their ATM's to a very high standard," said Karolis Macionis, Software Sales Director at BS/2. "There is no unnecessary video to trawl through and as well as recording vandalism, the system also helps banks to deal with complaints that the ATM failed to dispense cash."

BS/2 is currently in negotiation with distributors and potential partners in the UK and Western Europe, and is currently fulfilling customer enquiries internally.

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