Capital IQ upgrades platform

Source: Capital IQ

Capital IQ, a division of Standard & Poor's and the leader in web-based professional financial information services, today announced the broadest platform update in its history.

Capital IQ's Winter 2007 Release enhances nearly every aspect of the Capital IQ Platform, highlighted by new debt capital structure data, company screening alerts, hundreds of new financial data items, and major improvements to Capital IQ Real-Time.

"The scope of Capital IQ's Winter 2007 Release reflects the rapid growth and transformation of our business and the global financial world. We serve over 1,800 clients across the full spectrum of M&A, equity, and debt markets, and have particularly strong traction with top-performing hedge funds and investment managers. It is essential for us to keep our focus on meeting clients' needs and expectations by bringing relevant financial information and powerful research tools to their fingertips," said Bill Okun, Executive Vice President of Capital IQ.

Capital IQ's Winter 2007 Release highlights include:

Deeper Credit Perspectives
  • New Capital Structure Data - Users can view the capital structure of public companies globally. Information includes component details (e.g., commercial paper, bank facilities, senior debt, subordinated debt, secured debt, etc.), fixed payment schedules, additional supplemental totals, and credit ratios. Capital structure data is also available in company screening and Capital IQ's Excel Plug-In.
  • More Securities Details - Capital IQ expanded global fixed income securities data with full terms and conditions, pricing history for up to 10 years, and ratings from both Standard & Poor's and Moody's. Users can filter securities by maturity or offer date, current investment and inactive securities, call, put, and sinking fund schedules, and CUSIP. In addition, users can view charts (bond price, yield to worst, spread to worst) and prospectuses.
  • Indentures and Other Key Documents - Credit and purchase agreements, indentures, and other important agreements have been extracted from filings for easy access.
  • Moody's Credit Ratings and History - In addition to Standard & Poor's credidit ratings, Capital IQ added Moody's credit ratings for corporate issues and issuers. Information includes rating, rating date and action, watchlist indicator, watchlist reason, and credit outlook.

More Powerful Screening
  • Company Screening Alerts - Users can receive e-mail alerts of changes to the results of their saved screens. Alerts can be activated by simply naming an alert, selecting a saved screen, setting the frequency (daily, weekly, monthly), and selecting an optional Excel attachment that details the companies that fall in and out of various screening results.
  • Intra and Inter-Company Rankings - New criteria allows for screening of companies based on intra-company rankings (e.g., current P/E in the top 10% of last 10 years of company history) as well as inter-company universe ranking (e.g., LTM EBITDA in the top decile of all companies in a sector).

Upgraded Capital IQ Real-Time
  • New Futures Market Workspace and Index Constituents Clips - Additional enhancements include the ability to break a list of tickers across different panes, set text rows (headings) within lists of tickers, and easier access to watch lists across news and performance charts. These features have also been redesigned for greater functionality and ease of use.

Unique Views of Public Company Ownership
  • Company Crossholdings and Comparables - Users can view company crossholdings (e.g., Besides Dell, what other comparable stocks does Fund A hold-) as well as overlapping positions held by institutions (e.g., What do Fund A, Fund B, and Fund C hold in common-). Users can add up to 15 comparables, switch between holder types, filter holdings by shares held, percent of market cap owned, percent of portfolio, and market value.

Enhanced Excel Plug-In
  • New Financial Data Items - Hundreds of new financial data items are available within Microsoft Excel using Capital IQ formulas including capital structure items, 200+ airline, cable, and insurance industry specific data points, fixed income items, secondary brokerage estimates, and issuer-level ratings from Standard & Poor's. New Excel-based financial model templates are also available for download.
  • Tighter Integration with Capital IQ's Web Platform - Users can access results of all saved company, transaction, and fixed income screens directly from Excel.
  • New and Improved Excel Charting - Completely redesigned, the new charting functionality in Excel Plug-In allows quick access to an array of charts with minimal user input.

Other Notable Updates
  • Capital IQ now provides complete coverage of SEDAR filings for all Canadian public companies.
  • Secondary brokerage estimates are available for approximately 800 ADRs.
  • M&A transaction history has been significantly expanded for Europe, South Africa, Middle East, and Australia.
  • New industry supplemental items for airlines, cable, and insurance in addition to more detailed option/warrants and pension-related data points.

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