Fair Isaac and Aconite team for offline card fraud control

Source: Fair Isaac

Fair Isaac Corporation (NYSE: FIC), the leading provider of analytics and decision management technology, and Aconite, a leading provider of software and consulting solutions to the global payments market, today announced they have joined forces to provide banks and transaction processors worldwide with new capabilities to better manage fraud and risk in an off-line EMV environment.

The companies will jointly market Fair Isaac's industry-leading solutions Falcon Fraud Manager for payment card fraud detection and TRIAD adaptive control system for credit risk management with EMV Script Processor (ESP) and EMV Transaction Enabler (TRxE), Aconite's award-winning EMV software solutions. Together, these solutions create powerful new capabilities designed to help banks adopt a balanced online/offline authorization policy, reduce operational costs, minimize fraud losses, and increase revenue through secure approval of more transactions and improved customer satisfaction.

"This partnership reflects the strong demand for integrated EMV solutions that provide full fraud and risk management capabilities," said Mike Woods, CEO of Aconite. "Together, we can offer our clients the industry's most advanced solutions to fine-tune offline and online authorization and maximize the benefits from offline authorization, while minimizing credit risk."

Aconite's EMV solutions were designed to integrate easily with existing host systems, allowing the generation, management and delivery of scripts to change card parameters dynamically after issue and securely manage offline risk. The Fair Isaac and Aconite solutions can be easily combined with clients' existing systems as individual advanced fraud and risk management solutions or as part of a broader EMV migration package.

Named after its originators Europay, MasterCard and Visa, EMV describes a set of requirements to ensure interoperability between "smart" or chip-based payment cards and point-of-sale terminals on a global basis. Through the partnership, card issuers will now be able to harness the power of EMV, using Falcon and TRIAD decision management and TRxE and ESP functionality to securely push more transactions offline by dynamically updating and controlling card behavior after issue.

"Joining forces with Aconite underscores our commitment to continual innovation and bringing best-in-class technologgies together with our leading solutions for fraud and risk management," said Andrew Jennings, vice president, Enterprise Decision Management Applications at Fair Isaac. "Forward-thinking banks are already unlocking the potential of EMV to grow revenues while controlling fraud losses and the cost of managing the portfolio. Banks that utilize TRxE and ESP with TRIAD and Falcon will multiply that potential and be on the fast track to EMV migration."

The companies also plan to develop consulting services to help customers migrate to EMV and achieve their risk management goals for credit and debit card portfolios.

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