Welcome signs Privredna Banka Zagreb to XLS payments software

Source: Welcome

Privredna Banka Zagreb (PBZ), leading acquirer bank in Croatia and member of Intesa Sanpaolo group, one of the largest financial organizations in Europe, and PBZ Card, member of PBZ Group, leading credit card issuer in Croatia, today announced that they will be deploying Welcome's XLS software products across the bank's credit cards, debit cards and POS terminals.

The bank's objective is to secure its leading position in the market by offering payment services which are much more attractive to merchants, so that merchants will prefer PBZ cards and will encourage their customers to pay with PBZ cards.

"We want to offer merchants the best payment services available today, with the richest features and capabilities," said Tomislav Lazarić, Vice President and Member of the Board of PBZ. "We were impressed with the experience and results of other banks around the world that are also using Welcome's payment technology to dramatically improve the value of their payment services to cardholders and merchants."

"We are very pleased to have been chosen by PBZ and PBZ Card," said Philippe Vinci, CEO EMEA & Americas Regions. "Croatia is among the most prosperous of Central and Eastern European countries. The payment card market is growing rapidly, and there are significant opportunities to increase card usage across all types of payment cards, and for PBZ and PBZ Card to grow faster than the rest of the market."

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