Gissing adds support for Reuters MLIP 2.0

Source: Gissing Software

Gissing Software, solution specialists in the routing and transformation of real-time market and trade data, today announced the immediate availability of Gissing ConteX MCS 3.74, the latest release of its leading multi contribution system which is used to meet the contribution needs of major financial institutions at more than 50 sites around the globe.

The latest release incorporates a handler for Reuters Marketlink IP (MLIP) version 2.0, dedicated and optimised handlers for contributing data to Gissing RealtimeXL, and a simulator for contributing data to Bloomberg's multi-product feed, Bloomberg MPF.

Users equipped with Gissing ConteX MCS 3.74 will now be able to contribute rates to Reuters using the new MLIP 2.0 protocol - which brings dramatic throughput and performance improvements. As a result users will be able to get their rates to market faster which is vital in a competitive financial services market where every millisecond counts.

The Gissing ConteX MLIP 2.0 handler is a completely new development designed to support the new protocol and the much greater data rates that it allows. Significant features incorporated into this handler include load-balancing multiple MLIP 2.0 connections, support for both verbose and laconic modes of transmission and support for both live/live and live/standby configurations.

The MLIP 2.0 connectivity has already been successfully tested at a major European bank and Gissing Software anticipates strong interest in the new handler.

In addition, Gissing ConteX MCS 3.74 has been designed to optimise connectivity between Gissing ConteX MCS and Gissing RealtimeXL with the inclusion of dedicated handlers for both data subscription and contribution using the company's real-time Excel add-in. The result is an optimised, low latency solution for the use of spreadsheets in the subscription to, and contribution of market data.

Commenting on the added support for MLIP 2.0, Martin Crocombe, Global Contributions Product Manager for Reuters said: "As a key player in the contributions marketplace, we are delighted that Gissing Software has added support for Reuters' Marketlink IP version 2.0 to its suite of ConteX handlers. This provides an opportunity for Gissing's clients to take advantage of the improved performance and throughput that Marketlink IP 2.0 offers contributors."

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