Euroclear to take over as Dutch national numbering agent

Source: Euroclear NIEC

As of 5 March 2007, Euroclear NIEC (Nederlands Interprofessioneel Effectencentrum NIEC B.V.) will serve as the National Numbering Agent for newly issued securities in the Netherlands.

The transfer of this service from Euronext Amsterdam will take place in accordance with the rules of the Association of National Numbering Agencies for role transfers.

Upon issuance, all securities are assigned an International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) code in order to facilitate trading and settlement using internationally recognised standards. More than 70 percent of newly created NL-ISIN codes are for non-listed securities, and for this reason the National Numbering Agent function fits best with Euroclear's role in the Dutch market. Euronext Amsterdam will continue to serve as the National Numbering Agent for the Netherlands until 2 March 2007. New listing applications for Euronext Amsterdam will continue to be handled by its Listing Department.

Issuing agents or issuers will have a choice between two service levels and tariffs for the issuance of ISIN codes or 'fondscodes' at Euroclear NIEC: a "standard procedure" or an "accelerated procedure".

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