Qumas launches document access tool

Source: Qumas

Qumas, the leading developer of enterprise governance, risk and compliance solutions, today introduced QUMAS Express.

QUMAS Express enables business users of QUMAS DocCompliance, the cornerstone of the QUMAS compliance suite, to easily view, print and mark documents as "read and understood." Organizations that deploy QUMAS Express will extend the benefits of QUMAS, an end-to-end compliance system, to tens of thousands of users with minimal training. Training times and resources are reduced as users are presented only with the functionality they need to perform the viewing, printing and mark as "read and understood" tasks. For example, brokers using QUMAS Express in large financial institutions can more easily look up the appropriate policy and rules for selling a particular financial services product in specific states and expedite sales processes.

Entirely Web-based, QUMAS Express can be used on mobile devices, giving users, especially C-level executives, even greater flexibility and accessibility when reviewing documents. The product also has low administrative and processing overheads and provides a secure audit trail with built-in electronic signatures.

"We've found that a large number of QUMAS DocCompliance customers have employees that are only reviewing documents, whether it be for clinical drug trials or SEC-related polices and procedures," said Ken Hayward, head of the QUMAS Life Sciences division. "They are not adding or changing data content, and as such, do not need the associated functionality. We're providing an easy and convenient way for people to view and approve documents quicker and with minimal training."

QUMAS DocCompliance is the cornerstone of the QUMAS Compliance Suite that ensures enterprise-wide consistency and compliance. With QUMAS Express, companies are able to maximize their use of QUMAS DocCompliance which allows organizations to create, manage and securely store all content. Sophisticated built-in password policies protect against unauthorized access and the system supports the use of electronic signatures for the completion of tasks, ensuring that the "meaning of electronic signatures" match user intent. The solution enables companies to provide effective distribution and rapid notification of document changes and approvals and provides traceable accountability through an entire organization.

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