Dow Jones and Reuters renew global distribution deal

Source: Dow Jones

Dow Jones Newswires and Reuters today announced the renewal and expansion of their global distribution agreement. The three-year deal allows users of Reuters products world-wide to access Dow Jones news and information solutions in addition to Reuters own news services. It also increases the range of Dow Jones services available to customers in Europe and Asia. Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Reuters and Dow Jones Newswires have had a global distribution agreement since 1999. The agreement allows users to access both news and information sources within the Reuters product they use to monitor the market, and make trading and investing decisions.

As part of the renewed agreement, eight local-language services produced by Dow Jones Newswires will be available as an optional service to Reuters users in Europe and Asia. These include real-time, local- and regional-market and company news services in Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese. The European package includes Dow Jones-VWD News, the German-language domestic and regional news service Dow Jones acquired from vwd GmbH in March.

The agreement also renews the inclusion of Dow Jones Capital Markets Report, a leading source of news and information for global fixed-income markets, in Reuters North American Capital Markets Service. This service offers the strength of Reuters Treasury News service and Dow Jones Capital Markets Report in a compelling, flexible data and information solution for capital markets professionals.

"This agreement builds on the relationship we have had with Reuters on a global level since 1999," said Paul Ingrassia, President, Dow Jones Newswires. "We are delighted to be able to offer a wider range of our real-time news services to Reuters users and believe they will provide a valuable resource to financial professionals around the world."

Geert Linnebank, Reuters Editor in Chief and Global Head of Content, said: "We are pleased to be able to continue and extend our relationship with Dow Jones. Our customers rely on Reuters to provide access to all the information and tools they want - in one place. Our agreement with Dow Jones is a great example of this approach and has been well received by customers."

The Dow Jones solutions available as optional services under the agreement were selected to serve specific markets and customers. Professionals in the Americas can choose from:
  • Dow Jones Capital Markets Report - delivers global fixed-income market coverage; will be included with Reuters' North American Capital Markets service
  • Dow Jones News Service - provides market-leading coverage of North American companies and markets, and the issues affecting portfolios. Dow Jones News Focus is included in the service
  • Dow Jones Economic Report - supplies extensive news for international currency markets
  • Dow Jones Energy Service - reports on events and news in the world’s major energy markets
  • Dow Jones World Equities Report - covers the major stock markets and foremost companies outside of North America
  • Dow Jones Professional Investor Report - profiles more than 6,000 U.S. and Canadian companies, including analyst and fundamental data
  • Dow Jones Corporate Filings Alert - offers news uncovered in SEC filings and bankruptcy courts

In Europe and Asia, financial professionals can select from these market-focused solutions:
  • Dow Jones Financial Wire - delivers real-time coverage of global companies, markets and economies, and the trends and topics that influence them
  • Dow Jones Economic Report - supplies extensive news for international currency markets
  • Dow Jones Energy Service - reports on events and news in the world's major energy markets
  • Dow Jones’ Local Language Services - provide local and regional market and company coverage. These include
    • Dow Jones Nieuwsdienst (Dutch)
    • DJ Bourse (French)
    • Dow Jones-VWD Pro (German)
    • MF-Dow Jones (Italian)
    • DJ Bolsa (Portuguese)
    • DJ en Espanol (Spanish)
    • Dow Jones Japanese Wire
    • Dow Jones Chinese Wire

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