Helium upgrades market data tool

Source: Helium Systems

Helium Systems LLC, a leader in network-based trade-communications monitoring, announced significant market data optimizations to its TradePVR product.

TradePVR records, indexes, and analyzes all order-routing and market data in real-time without adding any load to trading systems. Recording units will now ship with a minimum of 1 Terabyte of RAID storage. Additionally, market-data feeds, which can take upwards of 1.5GB for a daily FIX-protocol session, are now compressed on-the-fly by an average of 40 percent. The solution scales linearly by adding additional recording units as needed, and customers now get much better density and performance for the same price. The user interface has also been enhanced to show market-data specific statistics and summaries.

Alex Malone, Helium Systems LLC President said "We are very customer-driven. They wanted to be able to investigate market-data issues using our system as effortlessly as they can with orders. Each trading firm has their own credit and market visibility restrictions, so an accurate audit log of every session is very important. The challenge of dealing with such vast amounts of data is enormous, and the fact that we can make it available without adding additional load to their system is huge. Given that the only maintenance the customer needs to perform is to rack the systems and plug them in, you will not find a more cost-effective solution."

All sessions are time-indexed as they are recorded, so searching near the end of a 23-hour multi-gigabyte recording is just as fast as at the beginning. Users can easily create complex searches for any standard or user-defined FIX tags using a wizard and save the search results to HTML. The company plans to implement more open protocols, and can write plugins for custom protocols as well. Recordings can be archived indefinitely for audit purposes and reconstituted at any time.

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