Hypercom upgrades SmartPayments server

Source: Hypercom Corporation

Hypercom Corporation (NYSE: HYC) today introduced added payment processor support and essential time and cost saving enhancements in a new version of its SmartPayments Server, an advanced PC-based solution for merchants who want to easily and securely process payments in five seconds or less.

Designed for resale or as a service by merchant acquirers, Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs) and others, Hypercom's SmartPayments Server software can be used with any payment device by any merchant to capture, encrypt and route transactions for authorization over the Internet (IP), dial and wireless protocols supporting multiple industries including retail card-present, mail-order/telephone-order (MOTO), Internet and e-commerce transactions.

Many small to medium-size retailers, restaurants and other businesses today rely on outdated back office payment software that makes the loading of software and recording and processing of transactions cumbersome at best. Hypercom's new SmartPayments Server streamlines those tasks, and also facilitates the processing of loyalty cards, convenience charges, tip adjustments, signature capture and check retrieval for charge-backs. The new software provides acquirers, ISOs and Hypercom resellers with a powerful new, state-of-the-art solution to stand out from the crowd, grow their business and lower their costs.

Key new features of the latest version of SmartPayments Server include:
  • Certification by more payment processors, including ECHO Payment Processing, First Data Omaha, Fast Check Cyclone, Global Payments, Heartland Payment Systems, Chase Paymentech Solutions and TSYS Acquiring Solutions gives merchant acquirers, ISOs and retailers more choices for their payment processing needs.
  • Tip adjustment and configurable Tip input graphical interfaces for fast and easy entry of tip amounts to each transaction through the PC's browser-based visual user interface, or programmatic application programming interface (API) for integrated solutions, before batching all of the day's transactions for settlement.
  • Loyalty program processing that includes maintaining the loyalty cardholder database, accessing reports on frequency of purchase, average spend and other key data to conduct target marketing, offer optimal rewarrrewards for repeat shoppers, such as frequent diner and customer discounts.
  • Storage and support for convenience fees, enabling businesses to print the fee on the customer's receipt and then store the data according to CISP security mandates.
  • Check image retrieval application programming interface, for uploading to high security check image repositories and virtually instantaneous access as needed.
  • Signature capture storage and retrieval, for charge back protection.
  • Supports Microsoft SQL Server 2005 to ensure maximum performance, scalability, and security.

Hypercom's SmartPayments Server gives businesses faster transaction processing, seamless updates, lower costs, cross platform support and enhanced security. It delivers an easy to integrate, secure, reliable, scalable and high performance ePayment solution that meets the needs of stand-alone merchants, multi-lane retail outlets, enterprise multi-channel merchants, on-line merchants operating their own Web sites, large Internet Service Providers hosting multiple merchant sites and more.

Switching to Hypercom

Several companies have already switched to the new Hypercom SmartPayments product line including merchant acquirer Heartland Payment Systems and ISOs Datalink Bankcard Services, Merchant Warehouse, Merchant Services Network and Transaction Processing Partners of Texas.

"Hypercom's SmartPayments is a high speed, high security self-contained Web-based point-of-sale system that will allow our merchants to process transactions faster and more affordably, and give us near real time reporting and troubleshooting options to ensure their transactions are properly handled. It simplifies life for transaction delivery, lets our customers deliver transactions easier and gives us more tools to ensure that the process works efficiently," said Todd Giblette, Merchant Warehouse Vice President of Business Development. "SmartPayments is a quality system with a very high level of dependability, established track record and great reputation that makes it easier for us to exceed customer expectations when it comes to service, accuracy, speed and quality." With more than 50,000 merchants, Merchant Warehouse will with its VAR channel use Hypercom's SmartPayments Server to support the deployment of integrated payment solutions.

"Embedding SmartPayments into our payment switch gives us a robust and extremely reliable engine that enhances our eCommerce, MOTO and retail offering," said Steve Odom, President, Datalink Bankcard Services. "Working with such a great and knowledgeable team makes the integration a smooth experience."

"This newest release of SmartPayments Server adds to our product's already strong features and functions and, in doing so, strongly positions Independent Sales Organizations to enter new markets and set themselves apart from their competitors faster and more economically than ever before," said Bill Pittman, Hypercom Payment Solutions Group Vice President.

The Hypercom SmartPayment Server is a platform built on .NET that leverages Web services as a backbone for processing integrated payment processing transactions with business critical processes and ubiquitous client-side input devices. Certified with multiple U.S. payment processors and working across multiple vertical industries, the Payment Server uses the Internet as a low cost, high-speed, secure communications network for delivering lightening fast secure payment transactions while enabling payments to be processed on any device at any time and anywhere.

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