Lightstreamer to take Reuters RMDS feeds

Source: Migratory Data Systems

Lightstreamer and Migratory Data Systems (MDS) announced today at MEFTEC the completion of RMDS2Web, a ready-made adapter that brings market data from Reuters RMDS feeds into Lightstreamer.

Using RMDS2Web, customers can easily integrate RMDS feeds with Lightstreamer, the high-performance AJAX-Comet engine.

Streaming AJAX, also known as Comet, is a paradigm that allows Web applications to update end-users' displays in real time, without reloading the Web page. With this paradigm Lightstreamer avoids the complications of older push solutions that require downloads on the client (i.e. applets, plug-ins, etc.) that are becoming increasingly unpopular as security constraints are being tightened.

"With RMDS2Web financial institutions are able to quickly leverage the advantages of Streaming-AJAX deployment from their existing RMDS feeds" said Mihai Rotaru, CTO at Migratory Data Systems. "

The combination of Lightstreamer with the RMDS2Web adapter can be seen as an optimized extension to RMDS that delivers real-time market data over the Internet/Intranet to any Web browser, avoiding issues regarding firewalls and software deployment that results in a reduced cost for data distribution. RMDS2Web and Lightstreamer feature a native connectivity to Reuters RMDS System via P2PS, so enabling DACS permissioning, and the ability to subscribe simultaneously to the item records among different RMDS services.

"Lightstreamer's engineering team are focused on delivering a reliable and scalable push engine with a broad set of open APIs, leaving its partners to deliver specific integration adapters", said Alessandro Alinone, CTO at Lightstreamer, "MDS as a Reuters Developer Partner have considerable experience with RMDS and were well placed to develop a high-quality adapter."

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