Corillian adds support for Windows CardSpace

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Corillian (NASDAQ: CORI), the top provider of online banking, payment and security solutions to the financial services industry, today announced the company is integrating support for Windows CardSpace into its leading online banking products.

Windows CardSpace is a component of the .NET Framework 3.0, available on Windows Vista and Windows XP, which helps store a person's digital identity in a security-enhanced manner, and provides a unified interface for choosing the identity for a particular transaction, such as logging in to a Web site. The Corillian Voyager integration with Windows CardSpace further protects against identity theft and enables consumers to use InfoCards to log-on to a banking Web site, instead of entering a user name and password. One of the nation's largest financial services companies is planning to offer the integrated solution to its customer base.

Through the collaboration between Microsoft and Corillian, users will be protected from a variety of identity related attacks, while enjoying improved ease-of-use. Corillian Intelligent Authentication will use the information stored on a card to build additional access signatures, thereby creating an additional level of strong authentication for the end-user. Corillian Voyager will support the integration of Windows CardSpace making it easier for end-users to log-on and conduct online banking.

"Corillian's adoption of Windows CardSpace in its new solution, Voyager, demonstrates the increased level of security and simplicity customers require for online banking," said Thom Robbins, director of .NET Platform Product Management at Microsoft Corp. "With the recent general release of Windows Vista, we look forward to further customer adoption of the technology and support in our overall vision of an Identity Metasystem."

For users of Internet banking powered by Corillian, Windows CardSpace will offer consumers enhanced online convenience, security and privacy. The strategic relationship streamlines the log-on process and eliminates the need for an end-user to enter a user-name or password. With an InfoCard issued by a financial institution, consumers will have the ability to purchase goods or apply for a loan without over communicating private information. In addition, the data is stored at the financial institution's back-end system and only released when the user wants to "submit" their identity to a Web site. As a result, users are also protected against unauthorized account access from individuals who might have general access to the PC.

"Corillian is pleased to announce that we are integrating support for Windows CardSpace into our industry leading online banking products. Adding Windows CardSpace support is an important step in helping increase users' trust in online banking. Windows CardSpace helps users sign-in to sites more easily while helping protect them from many forms of online identity attacks such as phishing and fraud," said Chris Brooks, chief technology officer of Corillian.

Windows CardSpace provides consumers with a simpler and safer digital identity experience for online banking. It provides a common way for people to manage their digital identities. Using standard protocols, Windows CardSpace then retrieves a verifiable identity token from the selected identity provider and forwards the credential to the target application. This provides users with a simpler, security-enhanced and familiar sign-on experience that is consistent across all Web sites and Web services.

Through the Corillian Voyager platform, Corillian provides a comprehensive set of online banking, payment and security solutions that serve multiple customer segments within leading financial institutions. Corillian's business-line solutions incorporate industry recognized best practices, which helps dramatically reduce costs and frees financial institutions to focus on achieving meaningful increases in revenues, margins and customer loyalty.

Intelligent Authentication is a non-intrusive, highly effective method of multi-layered authentication that helps financial institutions satisfy the recent FFIEC guidelines and ecommerce industry demands for stronger authentication of web site users. In addition to a user name and password, Intelligent Authentication collects and examines multiple patterns of online banking to determine when it is necessary to block or challenge suspicious visitors. This multi-layered authentication model is transparent to the end user and provides a user-friendly experience, while ensuring visitors to a Web site are legitimate before allowing users access to their banking accounts.

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