CPI Card unveils contactless payment card

Source: CPI Card Group

CPI Card Group is proud to announce today that it is bringing into the financial card market a contactless payment card that can be used by multiple payment brands, to simplify issuer and operational logistics.

Based upon the MicroPass L4-2G chip developed by INSIDE Contactless, this implementation includes support for both the Visa MSD payment specification version 1.4.2 and the MasterCard PayPass magnetic stripe version 3.1 applications.

"This MicroPass technology enables CPI to offer our customers the convenience of using one chip for different payment brands thereby benefiting from a competitive and effective solution without jeopardizing quality or delivery time," states Bob Clarke, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "CPI, along with our partner INSIDE Contactless, is celebrating this success."

This new solution meets all specifications in terms of functional and security requirements. The payment application will be selected and activated during the pre-personalization process within the CPI Card Group facility.

"The latest generation of MicroPass features performance enhancements designed to deliver a successful cardholder experience every time, while also providing multi-brand and multi-application support designed to meet the requirements of bank card issuers," states Didier Serra, INSIDE Contactless' General Manager and Executive Vice President of Sales for North America. "We're thrilled that CPI has adopted our latest platform so rapidly."

A pioneer in the plastic card industry, CPI has supported the movement to contactless payments in the financial card market since its introduction. To date, CPI has delivered more than 12 million contactless cards to more financial institutions than any other competitor.

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