HP opens banking innovation centre in Milan

Source: HP

Today HP opened a new state-of-the-art Banking Innovation Center in Milan, Italy.

In a real life environment, HP is able to demonstrate its vision of how retail banks can apply technology to create a superior customer experience at the same time as improving operational efficiency. In the center, banking customers can enjoy a unique, personalized and transparent experience that encourages a deeper business relationship.

A complete set of multi-channel services for modern banking is on show at the Banking Innovation Center. The center shows the lay out of the bank branch from a customer's viewpoint as well as behind-the-scenes from an infrastructure perspective. Visitors will experience new technologies that can be deployed in banks. These include RFID-enabled smart cards that allow a customer to access the branch and contain relevant account details. As customers enter the hall, they can be greeted by a floor manager who has verified their details via the RFID chip and can enable approved services accordingly. Using the chip, banks can then track a customer's activity so that the services offered by the bank can be optimized to fit customer behavior.

From an infrastructure perspective, the bank branch is an advanced multi-channel environment enabling improved quality of services at the same time as reducing costs. For example, flexibility is built into the architecture so that changes in branch processes can be rapidly made, tested and released, ensuring that the service delivery platform and front office functions are offering the best performance. Likewise, an integrated and personalized desktop provides a single customer view and key performance indicators as well as integrated IP access advisory and proposal tools.

Applications are all run centrally, greatly easing the burden of managing the user desktop environment and significantly increasing staff productivity as well as beginning the shift towards a truly paperless office. Security and compliance are two vital aspects of any bank activity, and in this HP environment, both are built-in rather than bolted on.

"The Banking industry has been identified as a key growth opportunity for HP and the opening of the Banking Innovation Center is an important part of our strategy to expand baseline banking activities to capitalize on this growth opportunity" said Jose-Louis Pages, Vice President, Financial Services Industry, HP EMEA. "The center enables HP to give visitors a unique experience of some of the services and solutions that are available today for the retail branch of the future. Our vision positions IT as a fully aligned and integrated part of banking services - in which banks deliver customer-centric, seamlessly-integrated products and services in a privileged environment. The advanced functionality that can be demonstrated in Milan has been developed out of our rich heritage in the financial services industry, and can be delivered today, without risk. The technology is proven, the elements all work and interoperate, and the business case is compelling."

Visitors can relax in the hospitality area for a coffee and informal discussion, make deposits with the cashier and use the videoconference facility for prearranged consultations with specialist advisors. The center also includes an Internet-enabled self-service terminal for visitors to manage their accounts in private and an ATM to withdraw cash, or to access any other related services.

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